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X-Maxima v5.31.2

webfork on 22 Oct 2016
  • 130MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 18 Jan 2014
  • Suggested by Taf

Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, and sets, lists, vectors, matrices, and tensors. Maxima yields high precision numeric results by using exact fractions, arbitrary precision integers, and variable precision floating point numbers. Maxima can plot functions and data in two and three dimensions.

Cross platform with clients available for Linux, OS X, and Android (thanks Midas).

X-Maxima is a portablized version of the program. Alternatively, an unstable Maxima portable package is available from

System Requirements: Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: GPL
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch X-Maxima.exe.
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Midas on 2014-04-26 20:42

Available on most comptuing platforms (Linux & MacOS, e.g.), a (well regarded) version of Maxima exists also for Android, see:

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Kalkules v1.9.6.25

Checker on 10 Dec 2014

Kalkules is an universal scientific calculator that comes with many nontraditional functions and built-in tools designed to make your calculations easier and faster.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch Kalkules.exe.

  • To disable update check at startup, edit settings.ini and change the CheckUpdatesAtStart=1 to CheckUpdatesAtStart=0 or launch Kalkules.exe and open the Preferences tab. Uncheck 'Check for updates at start"
  • To save additional space, delete unnecessary language files and manuals
What's new? Improvements:
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Added function exp(x) (equivalent to expression $e^x).
  • Added logical binary operators and, or, xor.
  • Added these new prefix values which can be used in expression: Zetta, Yotta, Zepto, Yocto.
  • Setting "Insert last result (ANS) and operator" didn't work with some operations.
  • Multi character operators could get mixed up with operands in HEX mode.
  • When using several multi character operators without parentheses, all operators except the first one got confused for a variable. For instance: 10 div 2 mod 2.
  • Using a specific combination of variable names in the expression caused a calculation error. For instance: a*va/2.
  • Program crashed when the user tried to insert a prefix value.

OpenWithView v1.11

webfork on 19 Jun 2016

OpenWithView is a small utility that displays the list of all available applications in the 'Open With' dialog-box of Windows, and allows you to easily disable/enable the applications in the list.

This utility works under Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows Vista. In earlier versions of Windows, OpenWithView will display the list of 'Open With' window entries, but disable/enable feature won't work.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: Application Folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the zip file and extract the content to a folder of your choice. Launch OpenWithView.exe
What's new?
  • Fixed the icons problem on Windows 7/x64

Sigil Portable v0.9.9

billon on 28 Dec 2017
  • 140MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 27 Dec 2017
  • Suggested by ChemZ

Sigil is a tabbed editor for the EPUB format commonly used in eBooks. The program includes basic formatting, customizable fonts and styles, hotkeys and spellcheck. You can generate a table of contents, embed files (audio, video, or other), edit/add metadata, rearrange or split pages, add vector (SVG) images and available "clips" for frequently entered text.

As the format is based on simple HTML, the program includes a WYSIWYG-style book vs. code view, the ability to modify cascading style sheets and additional functionality via plugins. The program can even shrink some eBooks by discarding unused media elements.

Cross-platform with clients for Linux, Mac and supports many languages. Sigil Portable is a wrapper version of the program and X-Sigil is also available.

System Requirements: Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
License: GNU GPLv3
How to extract: Download the self-extracting EXE to a folder of your choice. Launch SigilPortable.exe.

Optionally, the user guide is available as a separate download.
Similar/alternative apps: KompoZer
What's new? See:

Complete Internet Repair v5.1.0.3950 Updated

billon on 10 Jun 2018
  • 4MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 10 Jun 2018
  • Suggested by guinness

Complete Internet Repair attempts to repair Internet and network-related issues.

Note: The program should only be run when there are problems as it provides no speed improvements and the program may actually cause problems on a normal, working connection.

A 64-bit version is available (within the folder).

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: Administrator rights
Unicode support: Yes
License: GNU GPLv3
How to extract: Download the "Portable" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch ComIntRep.exe or ComIntRep_X64.exe (for 64-bit OS).

Optionally, delete unnecessary language files.
What's new? See:
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Happy.Camper2 on 2017-11-23 02:31

The last version I found that supports XP/Vista is: Released 01.07.2017 & here's the links I went to for the download=>

Also, here is the link for the compatibility for v5.0.0.3706:

Take Care:)

Happy.Camper2 on 2017-11-28 01:03

Hi PortableFreewarers,
Hope everyone had a nice holiday:)

So, at the authors website, Vista is not listed in requirements=>

I downloaded v5.0.0.3758 just for curiosity and the change.txt has Vista listed as compatible.
Sure enough, this version DOES work on Windows Vista.

Guess I'll send a message to the Rizonesoft Team about the incorrect info on their site.

Not keeping things up-to-date surely does waste people's
time and also prevents folks from downloading the product if their OS isn't listed as a requirement.

Long live organized people :)
Take care all!

MIKLO on 2017-12-04 12:50

I've been using on Windoze 10 home for some time with no issues.I think it does a great job and is a helpful App to fix problems.

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