IrfanView v4.67

gbrao on 5 Apr 2024
  • 6MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 5 Apr 2024
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

IrfanView is a viewer for a wide variety of image, audio and video formats. The program includes batch processing, creation of panoramic images, edition of multi-page TIFF files, lossless JPEG rotate/crop and effects such as sharpen and blur. Other tools such as screen capture, scanner, slideshow, plugin support and ability to capture icons from EXE or DLL.

Alternatively, IrfanView Portable is also available and updates drive letters and handles registry keys.

Runs on:WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Free for personal use (the installer is adware)
How to extract:
  1. Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Optionally, delete iv_uninstall.exe
  3. Launch i_view32.exe or i_view64.exe (for 64-bit OS)
Note: Optionally, for more advanced support download the plugins ZIP package and extract the contents to the Plugins sub-folder. Plugins add more than 20 megs to the size and support for more graphics, audio, video and more. Plugins for OCR and PDF tools are available as a separate download -- see the thread in forums on how to enable them with portable installations.
Similar/alternative apps: XnView, Imagine, FastStone Image Viewer
What's new? See:

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Cornflower 2024-04-05 13:40

I notice in 4.67 that the OCR plugin is updated. It suggests using the Tesseract OCR, which I suspect is not portable. When I test it I will be looking to see if it can be made portable, and if it works with 32-bit Irfanview (there are a number of limitations with the 64-bit Irfanview so I am staying there).


Cornflower 2023-12-10 08:43

Also note that virtually every new release updates some plugins, and version 4.65 is no exception. Most users may want to go to and download the 32- or 64-bit package, and dump them into the Irfanview Plugins subdirectory.


Andrew Lee 2022-12-11 05:23

@Cornflower: Seems like the 32-bit ZIP is also available now. I have updated both download links.


Cornflower 2022-12-10 07:45

Just to note that the direct download links point to version 4.60. The home website ( has the link to version 4.62 Irfanview and the plugins. Note that there is no 32-bit Irfanview in zip format, but I verified that uniextract works.

Note: New features in this version, especially if you use the Irfanview PlugIn


Cornflower 2022-09-28 06:37

The PDF Plugin is great! So far, I have converted PDFs to images, and vice-versa, stiched together and split PDFs (one colleague had a poster-sized image composed of 14 pages), and more. It can also do thumbnails.

Using only Irfanview with the PDF Plugin, for example, I went to, used Irfanview's fixed screen rectangle capture to 'scan' and old book direct to PDF, and clean up the yellowed pages.

While PDF-XChange Editor is still the better product for annotation, OCR, etc., I recommend looking at Irfanview for PDF.


NunoEFSilva 2021-05-01 11:59

Great Viewer.
Open and converts between most graphic formats, has some (simple, but useful) editing features, and now, even outputs (thru plugin) to PDF. Do note that joining several Bitmaps (each in a one-page PDFs) can easily be done with PDFTK Builder (also in this site). This is not minor. If one wants portability one can not rely on having PDF printer (non-portable) installed everywhere!


Cornflower 2020-10-22 10:31

Many plugins were also updated in this version, so IrfanView recommends updating them if you update IrfanView itself.

"Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:"


__philippe 2020-03-06 14:54

IrfanView's developer Irfan Skiljan kindly suggested a workaround for the broken webP.dll Plugin under Win XP :

IrfanView 4.54
+ webP.dll 4.51 Plugin (Link date 20/02/2018; Size 204,288 bytes)
+ Win XP
= eternal bliss...;-)


__philippe 2019-12-26 11:53

Some recent plugins for IrfanView 4.54-32bit no longer work under XP,
specifically WebP.dll 4.54-32bit...:-(

Pertinent external comments:


zorro 2018-02-28 06:26

As mentioned above the problems with unicode were solved. Zip now contains a text file with following advise:

>> Please start IrfanView and call (once) any of the dialogs:
- Properties (P), or
- File->Open (O), or
- File->Save As (S), or
- Batch (B)
to convert/set IrfanView INI file to UNICODE mode !

If the INI file is not converted to Unicode, some of the options (like filenames, paths or text options)
may NOT be saved properly and the feature may not be working as expected.


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