Vivaldi v1.7.735.46 Updated

freakazoid on 11 Feb 2017
  • 157MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 8 Feb 2017
  • Suggested by Nh

Vivaldi is a customizable, tabbed web browser based on the same engine as Google Chrome. Its appearance and capabilities can be extended with themes and extensions. It features a bookmark manager, speed dial, notes, custom search engines, sessions, tab stacks, web panels, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, user interface scaling, adaptive interface color and much more.

Cross-platform with clients available for Mac and Linux.

System Requirements: Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder: /User Data. Resets some settings, including the list of installed extensions, when you move between PCs.
Stealth: ? No. HKCU\Software\Vivaldi
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract:
  1. Download the installer and extract it using 7-zip to a temporary folder
  2. Extract the vivaldi.7z archive with 7-zip to a folder of your choice
  3. In the Vivaldi-bin folder, create a file named stp.viv with the following contents:

    // Vivaldi Standalone

  4. Rename the Vivaldi-bin folder to Application
  5. Launch Application\vivaldi.exe

    Note that a User Data folder is created in the same root as Application folder
Similar/alternative apps: Otter Browser, Opera, Google Chrome, Slimjet, SRWare Iron
What's new?
  • [New feature] Screenshot capture screenshot of entire page, selected parts of a page or the UI (VB-24136)
  • [New feature] Mute/unMute tab Quick Command actions and mapable keyboard shortcut, mouse gestures: “Mute/unmute Tab”, “Mute Other Tabs”, “Mute All Tabs”, “Unmute Other Tabs” and “Unmute All Tabs” (VB-21377)
  • [New feature] Add an extra warning for http websites that request passwords (VB-23666)
  • [New feature] Pinned tab hibernation is seperately configurable (VB-24675)
  • [New feature] Add more menu items to document context menu: Copy Page Address, Validate, Fullscreen, Bookmark Page, Bookmark Link (VB-25051)
  • [New feature] Add support for opening download images in the browser itself (VB-24069)
  • [New feature] Scrolling should zoom the page when mouse is over the zoom slider (VB-2119)
  • [New feature][Address field] Add setting to configure top level domain expansion with Ctrl+Enter (VB-24975)
  • [New feature][Bookmarks] Add support for displaying tree structure while searching (VB-24724)
  • [New feature][Bookmarks] Let it be possible to add bookmarks from open pages from bookmark tree context menu (VB-25095)
  • [New feature][Bookmarks][Notes] Make it possible to choose between flat and tree search in bookmarks and notes: change mode via panel context menu (VB-25091)
  • [New feature][Downloads] Transfer complete notification (VB-752)
  • [New feature][Extensions] Context menus for extension’s buttons (VB-9681)
  • [New feature][Extensions] Component extensions can’t be hidden and re-added in the same session (VB-25060)
  • [New feature][Notes] Add area selection capture to notes (VB-25162)
  • [New feature][Notes] Add support for displaying tree structure while searching (VB-24823)
  • [New feature][Notes] Ctrl+Shift+C should copy marked text to note (VB-4018)
  • [New feature][Search field] Add Paste and Go right-click in search field (VB-21366)
  • [New feature][Sessions] Allow to save only tabs from current window when saving Session (VB-14104)
  • [New feature][macOS] Enable native notifications by default (VB-15151)
  • [New feature][Windows][Linux]Let Ctrl+PageUp/Down select prev/next visible tab by default (VB-24877)
  • [New feature][Windows][Linux] Main menu is lacking keyboard accessibility for CJK (VB-24851)
  • [Address field] Google Maps URL not recognized and search opened (VB-24678)
  • [Address field] Hostname/path in address bar leads to default search instead of local domains (VB-5507)
  • [Address field] If the input contains a / but not a space, should navigate not search (VB-24979)
  • [Address field] Pointer cursor should shown when holding Ctrl (VB-24004)
  • [Address field] Top level domain removal with Ctrl clicking the URL (VB-23937)
  • [Address field] URLs with two spaces get searched instead of navigated to (VB-24320)
  • [Address field] Vivaldi freezes editing typed history URL in address bar (VB-25563)
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmarks lose title when dragged to Speed Dial (VB-24059)
  • [Bookmarks] Nicknames do not work in address field (VB-24231)
  • [Bookmarks] On entering Edit mode in the panel bookmark tree should scroll to show the added/edited item (VB-10406)
  • [Bookmarks] Sort context menu is mislabelled (VB-24801)
  • [Bookmarks] Vivaldi tries to import from Edge using a legacy method resulting in failure (VB-24743)
  • [Extensions] Badge text unreadable with some themes (VB-24126)
  • [Extensions] Buttons visibility Toggle (VB-24579)
  • [Extensions] Component extensions would execute actions with random results (VB-25081)
  • [History] Clear typed history not working on new dialog (VB-23084)
  • [IME] First character typed in address bar gets committed without converted to Japanese (VB-16325)
  • [Notifications] closes Vivaldi if in other full screen program (VB-24712)
  • [Panels] Position of notes and bookmarks view resets after changing the panel (VB-20332)
  • [Search field] Alt+Enter clones current tab and opens new search tab (VB-23982)
  • [Search field] Clicking in the field should mark text (VB-24688)
  • [Search field] Does not use available space for multi-word results (VB-24236)
  • [Search Field] Search “Always open in new tab” does not work when choosing a different search (VB-24813)
  • [Search field] Typed history button is unusable until something is typed into the field (VB-24090)
  • [Sessions] Excessive usage of resources when opening session through File -> Open Saved Session: now uses lazy load settings (VB-18923)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Doesn’t work correctly with overflow:scroll (VB-6087)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Fails to select links, selects entire divs instead (VB-23393)
  • [Themes] Private window does not show any activity in the URL bar (VB-25435)
  • [Themes] The numbers and letters of the color code don’t change when you select a different theme (VB-24209)
  • [Themes] Parts of Geolocation dialog are unreadable in private mode (VB-24134)
  • [Linux] Context menu show up when starting mouse gesture in reopened tab (VB-21862)
  • [Linux] Update the signing key: Remove the old BF1700F8 key and add another for future usage (VB-11533)
  • [Windows][Linux] Hide menu bar in UI-less, native window (VB-7812)
  • [Windows][Linux] Panel activated in fullscreen mode doesn’t work back in window mode (VB-24843)
  • Add Startpage private search as a new default search engine option ((VB-25174))
  • Backspace and single-key shortcuts triggered on some HTML5 forms and forms with JS listeners (VB-15598)
  • Clicking typed history item doesn’t update history (VB-24318)
  • Context menu doesn’t always show on right-click (VB-20589)
  • Crash tab using AdminLTE (VB-24960)
  • Crash while trying to hide Google cast button from address bar (VB-24947)
  • Download Panel doesn’t get focus if other panel is open (VB-11002)
  • Further work on menu accelerators for CJK (VB-24645)
  • Grayscale the favicons on tabs that are hibernated (VB-24223)
  • Links opened in private in new window are not private windows anymore (VB-11809)
  • Search text in PDF file doesn’t increment counter (VB-4687)
  • Site info position does not take UI Zoom into account (VB-23997)
  • The audio icon still animates when tab is hibernated (VB-19243)
  • Typing ‘vivaldi:’ doesn’t show autocomplete options (VB-13738)
  • Wrong title of Chinese language (VB-25147)
  • Updated Chromium to 56.0.2924.88

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