Everything v1.4.1.1024

Ennovy on 26 May 2023
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 26 May 2023
  • Suggested by Drutt

Everything is a powerful search tool that locates files and folders by file name instantly, and includes an FTP and Web server interface. It also can search files by their contents. Unlike Windows search, Everything initially displays all files and folders on your computer. You simply type in part of the desired file name to limit what files and folders are displayed instantly. The more you type, the more specific the list becomes.

Note that the instant-search capability only works on NTFS/ReFS-formatted drives and only uses file and folder names in a file index. The program can separately catalog non-NTFS/ReFS and network servers for searching on a schedule.

Runs on:Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the "Portable" ZIP package depending on your OS and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch Everything.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: HDDB, Ultra File Search Lite, UltraSearch
What's new? See:

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Bruce 2020-07-30 21:07

This is a great program. I've found very helpful tracking down misplaced or seemingly lost files.


__philippe 2019-01-26 04:54

Everything v1.4.1.932

Cumulative detailed changelog: https://www.voidtools.com/Changes.txt


Nh 2017-04-29 18:41

In case it does not remembers sort order, you have to edit 2 lines in Everything.ini:



__philippe 2017-03-03 18:29

Beta alright...;-)

but practically stable after being fine-tuned over a period spanning
SEP-2015 to NOV-2016, including release of 11 distinct builds.

EveryThing Portable BETA, which was released on 21-NOV-2016,
includes significant new functions over current Stable version dated 6-AUG-2014

Version 1.4 ongoing development and builds changelogs are chronicled here:


DeLe 2016-10-23 17:04

Everything has been released:

A lot of improvments: preview, content search and much more


Specular 2014-12-06 12:30

Gah, lost my settings due to upgrading :(

Just a heads up to those upgrading, especially those with folder/file exclusions which is incredibly annoying to lose.


Swarup 2014-10-07 15:03

World fast searching tool.


smaragdus 2014-08-07 04:17

Everything Stable has been released.


__philippe 2014-06-24 18:56

@Midas:...No sweat...;-)

After due deliberation with my editorial team, I just "spiked" the former (redundant) "Beta" extended notice (time-stamped 2014-06-08 12:38) , which was, in essence, already duplicated in the relevant forum topic anyway:





Midas 2014-06-24 13:29

@__philippe: to avoid clutter, please consider deleting or moving the previous *beta* notice to the forum topic. Thanks. :)


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