RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) v0.6.0

webfork on 3 Sep 2016
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 13 Aug 2016
  • Suggested by ashghost

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) presents a before-and-after image compression view that allows you to reduce file size of an image into JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Includes optional metadata removal, batch operations, compression to a target file size, transparency options, and other common editing functions (flip, rotate, zoom, pan). Notable versus similar software in the ability to gradually reduce the available colors one-by-one (7, 8, 9, 10...), not just milestones of 16, 32, 64, etc.

The program is also available as a plugin for XnView, GIMP, or Irfanview (see website).

Functional in Linux using Wine. Many of the official entries here on PortableFreeware have used RIOT for compression. Note that the installer version of this program is considered adware.

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware for personal and non-profit use; commercial users are asked to donate $10+
How to extract:
  1. Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Create two empty text files: Riot.ini and Riot-external-tools.ini in that folder
  3. Launch Riot.exe
Similar/alternative apps: FileOptimizer
What's new? Added:
  • “Auto, Original Format” mode, renamed modes.
  • Batch:
    • Option to save in original folder in order to keep folder structure;
    • Option to backup originals on overwrite.
  • Behavior for using the original image if smaller only if we use an option from the batch mode.
  • Resize issues when keep aspect ratio is checked and both dimensions are provided.

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webfork 2010-07-27 18:44

Great if you need the very smallest images you can put together. Adds features I've seen in no other program (including photoshop) for cutting down the size of your files. A real graphics compression power tool, but also easy to use.

Josh 2010-10-21 07:56

Very slick, the best side-by-side compression tool I have seen. I cant imagine a more ultimate tool for optimizing your images.

TP109 2011-01-13 00:05

RIOT converts images to JPEG, GIF, and PNG. And it does batch conversions. Good tool.

Stranno 2011-01-13 18:34

Best output-image application i've ever tested. Great options, good PNG optimizations, fast in load, fast in preview changes, good as plugin

A+++ app

Mike.S.G. 2011-02-27 10:24

If by chance you're also using IrfanView with the additional Plugins Pack, the version of RIOT included is considered outdated, obsolete, and only the lite version, I believe the last lite version was 0.3.3.

Anyway, you may want to update IrfanView with the .dll (RIOT as plug-in) version, found here -

This version is considered 'extended' (versus lite), is a bugfix update, and offers a nice GUI. You can access the RIOT interface by selecting 'save for web' when an image is loaded.

The installation is simple but important:

...Download the RIOT as plug-in (DLL version) -, extract to a temp folder. Careful, there are a lot of files and folders, you only need 2 files, you may also want the RIOT .chm as well - not required.
...The 2 files you need are RIOT.dll and FreeImage.dll. Note, they do not go in the same place - important next step.
...RIOT.dll will go in the \Plugins directory - you may need to overwrite the existing dll if you have RIOT lite already.
...FreeImage.dll will go in the root directory - \IrfanView - where 'i_view32.exe' is located.


david.lynch 2011-10-12 12:26

@Mike.S.G.: Thank you for the info on how to update IrfanView!


Ennovy 2013-07-20 04:10

@billon: Thanks for the info, entry updated


Checker 2013-08-19 21:17

@ billon: Agree ... and done.


Ruby 2013-08-19 22:15

@Checker The zip download is for 0.5.0; it appears 0.4.6 is only available as installer


Checker 2013-08-20 17:22

@ Ruby: I changed to v0.5.0 again, but added a note.


juvera 2013-10-11 23:40

Fortiguard running on their web server blocks all downloads.


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