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Portable Freeware Submission

MobaLiveCD v2.1

lwc on 12 Mar 2019

A simple graphical frontend for QEMU that lets you boot any LiveCD ISO image in a virtual machine without complicated settings in only a few clicks.

QEMU is a processor emulator that provides you with VMWare-style virtual machines using a technique called "dynamic translation" that gives good performance.

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP
Writes settings to: None
Stealth: ? No. Writes to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and installs kqemu driver where administrator rights is available.
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the EXE to a folder of your choice. Launch MobaLiveCD_v2.1.exe.
Latest comments
Wiz on 2011-04-26 18:14

Tried it today on WinXP SP3 PC with a Kingston 4 GB USB flash drive and a Linux image for eeePC. The experience was horrible. I choose to not create a virtual disk (in belief that all would be done in RAM). After the Linux image start execution my brand new USB was corrupted, no data, not readable in Windows. After formatting it reports only 0.9 GB instead of 4 GB. I have rescued it using some low level utility and make an experiment in order to know is the corruption caused by MobaLiveCD v2.1 or not. After the booted image reports disk writing immediately USB stick LED indicates a writing operation and the stick became corrupted again. What if someone starts such utility from HDD? Did my experience mean that this tool can corrupt HDD too?

Roshan on 2011-05-07 15:38

Wiz may b yr pen drive is faulty. Try to format it with hp usb format utility. Mobalive does not boot 64bit linux. Pity. I downloaded centos n mepis x64 but no use. Both the live images r not booting thru usb also. Can anyone help in this regard.

Midas on 2013-01-29 15:42

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