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pestudio standard v9.55

__philippe on 8 Nov 2023
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 18 Sep 2023
  • Suggested by joby_toss

pestudio shows details about applications and other system files (.exe, .dll, .cpl, .ocx, .ax, .sys etc.) without starting them including:

  • Libraries that are used by an application
  • Functions that are imported by an application
  • Functions (also anonymous) that are exported by an application
  • All functions that are forwarded to other libraries
  • Obsolete Functions that are exported and imported by an application
  • If Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Windows security mechanism is used
  • If Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) Windows security mechanism is used
  • If Windows security mechanism Structured Exception Handling (SEH) is used
  • Whether some sections are compressed

pestudio standard lacks some features of pro version.

Runs on:Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Free for personal use/Liteware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Delete AddToShell.reg and RemoveFromShell.reg. Launch pestudio.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: PPEE, PE Anatomist
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__philippe on 2017-11-26 21:39

All righty,... next time round,

the undersigned hereby pledge to abide by the recommendations, protocols,
procedures and regulations set forth by my Right Honourable Friend Midas,
the Member for TPFC's constituency,... cross my heart and hope to die... ;-)


Special on 2019-09-14 18:16

Looks like with 8.98 they've removed even more features from the previous 9.87 free version (detect well-known whitelisted libraries/blacklisted resources), funny they don't mention that in the changelog.

MoisheP on 2021-08-15 03:13

v. 9.15 elicits numerous warnings.

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Version Info v1.5

webfork on 8 Jun 2022
  • 172KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on
  • Suggested by I am Baas

Version Info will view, export and import version info of executable files. It completely supports multilingual version info structures (Windows file properties dialog does not show multiple languages). Files can be open by using Open file dialog box, history list, or using mouse drag and drop. Support The following file types:

Application (*.exe)
MS-DOS application (*.com)
Application extension (*.dll)
Screen saver (*.scr)
Device driver (*.drv)
System driver (*.sys)
Audio compression manager driver (*.acm)
Audio/Video codec (*.ax)
Service provider (*.tsp)
Type library (*.tlb)
ActiveX control (*.ocx)
Object library (*.olb)
Control panel library (*.cpl)
Font (*.fon)
Borland package (*.bpl)
Delphi package (*.dpl)

Limitations: Import option and "Memory on Demand" options available only if using NT, 2000 or XP.

Runs on:Win95 / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch VerInfo.exe.
Latest comments
Hydaral on 2010-07-29 01:14

FYI, if anyone wants a command line tool for this type of thing, Microsoft has provided an app called filever.exe in their support tools since W2k.

Emka on 2014-12-06 14:16

Geocities links obsolete

I am Baas on 2014-12-06 15:35


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