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2016-08-01 08:19:43
Updated by SYSTEM

  • Version: v5.78.1129
  • Release date: 2000015-11-00-030
  • What's new: 2014/11/10 - LiberKey 5.8.1104[list][*]Improved, Portabilizer: .NET framework detection[*]Improved, Portabilizer: Use the x86 version of an application when the x64 version is missing[*]Fixed, Menu: Various bug fixes[*]Added, LiberKey: Breton translation [br-FR] Thank you Diloar (new contributor)[*]Added, LiberKey: Macédonien translation [mk-MK] Thank you mite71 (new contributor)[*]Added, LiberKey: Serbe (cyrillique) translation [sr-Cyrl-RS] Thank you Bojan Pavlović (new contributor)[*]Added, LiberKey: Serbe (latin) translation [sr-Latn-RS] Thank you Bojan Pavlović (new contributor)[*]Updated, LiberKey: Arabic (Tunisia) translation [ar-TN] Thank you Trabelsi Youssef[*]Updated, LiberKey: German translation [de] Thank you Paul Bichler[*]Updated, LiberKey: Hungarian translation [hu-HU] Thank you Juhász Sándor[*]Updated, LiberKey: Italian translation [it] Thank you Maurizio Ballo[*]Updated, LiberKey: Dutch translation [nl-NL] Thank you Ralph Langendam (new contributor)[*]...

2016-04-20 20:07:40
Updated by webfork

  • System Requirement:
  • Synopsis:
  • Icon: Updated
  • Screenshot: Updated
  • Keywords: libarkey librekey
  • Forum topic ID: 03419
  • Similar/alternative apps: [url=]WinPenPack NetMenu[/url], [url=]PortableApps Platform[/url]

2013-02-12 00:52:41
Updated by Andrew Lee

  • Synopsis:
  • How to extract: Download the self-extracting EXE to a folder of your choice. Launch L[i]LiberKey.exe[/i].

2012-06-16 18:23:54
Updated by webfork

  • Version: Vv5.7
  • Synopsis: LiberKey is a portable launcher that serves as a gateway to prepackaged portable apps available in the LKS format (which is basicalically 7Zip archive with a particular direchive with a particulartory directory sstructure). It works just as well for non-LKS ust as well for non-LKS appps, and coomess with a whole wsuite of other a whole suite of other functions including portable file associations, portable desktop shortcuts and online updates offunctions including portable file associations, portable desktop shortcuts, and online updates of LKS a applicaplications..The launcher itself is quitef is flexible. It features xible with right-handed quicck launnch bar, and supporports tabs, cats, categoriesories, smaart search etc. There is aIncludeso a floating quick launcher that you can pin to the desktop.
  • Unicode support: Yes No

2012-06-16 07:30:42
Added by Andrew Lee