PeaZip v6.6.0 Updated

billon on 6 May 2018
  • 25MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 6 May 2018
  • Suggested by Yucca

PeaZip is a feature-rich file archiver with broad support for 100+ archive types. The file manager interface includes a hash tool, file wipe, file associations, themes, estimated compression level, system benchmark, image crop/rename and much more. Note that tools setup through the task scheduler are not portable.

Formats supported include most mainstream archive formats, including 7ZIP, ACE (read), BZIP2, CAB, GZIP, MSI (extr.), RAR (extr.), TAR, UPX, ZIP, as well as it's own PEA format.

Cross platform (Linux/BSD) and a 64-bit version is available. Alternatively, PeaZip Portable portablizes bookmarks and includes both 32 and 64-bit versions, automatically using the proper one on each PC.

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: LGPL
How to extract: Download the "portable" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch peazip.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: 7-Zip
What's new? See:

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Andrew 2006-11-22 11:35

Wont let me open my files says it dont recinise them

Pedro 2006-12-05 02:24

Very good, works fine with zip and it's great for high compression with 7z!

Holmwood 2006-12-12 23:49

Good, a neat interface for dealing with archive kinds I use more. Plus, it's very good for split and merge large files.

Old 2006-12-15 01:07

Extremely useful program, with handful of options and functions rather uncommon or less accessible in other similar software. Runs fast and stable.

RW 2007-01-24 09:42

I get an error saying it was not able to lload some icons, try reinstalling. When I say Ok and start the program everything appears fine. If I close and reopen program same error appears

Jean 2007-02-08 01:03

Runs fine and without a problem, very good new having PAQ format in our hands in a such simple to use GUI.

Fluffy 2007-02-09 01:03

The only thing I'd like is drag-and-drop support. Then I'd switch over to it from 7-zip in no time as long as Peazip didn't insist on restoring the entire directory structure on drag-extraction. I hate it when archivers do that. If I wanted the full folder structure intact, I'd drag the parent folder out of the archive, not the files within.

Gary 2007-03-05 19:12

Exquisite GUI and app! Would like to see the settings for each compression format saved.

Spongebob 2007-04-11 04:02

I love this app so much!

The transparency setting was slowing down my computer but disabling it restored everything back to normal.

I really love this app :P

Richard 2007-06-10 01:26

Great! The new PeaZip 1.8 can now read&extract ACE archives too (I'm using the Linux portable version but I suppose the Windows version can do the same).

Fra 2007-10-09 07:59

Very good file compressor! It's one of my favourite application on Portablefreeware.
Just one remark, why the screenshot is so old? It doesn't even resemble the current release, please, it need to be updated!

r_gann 2007-10-15 03:40


I expeienced the same problem (icon creation failue), and after much screwing aound, I found the problem. On the systems that had display resolution of 1024 x 768 x 256, the error occurred. After changing the resolution to 1034 x 768 x 65536 (16 bit hi-color), the problem went away.

A possibly useful program disabled because of 'themes'!

Anyway, I submitted a fairly "flaming" bug report on the sourceforge forum. (Bug report item #1813721, created 10/15/07). We'll see if there is any response from the developers.


robert 2008-08-21 18:06

excellent product, supports many formats! screenshot is outdated, it keeps getting better, im impressed

Bobby 2009-05-08 07:55

Erases files from harddisk when deleting them from Peazip archive layout view. You cannot even recover them from recycle bin. Totally sucks! Deleted one of my favourite mp3s I had on harddisk! You wouldn't expect such behaviour, but Peazip really sucks bad!!!

RC 2009-07-10 08:59

In reference to the above.. I just lost some music project work that took me many hours to produce. I couldn't fathom how I had managed to erase all trace of it from my computer using Peazip but I guess now I know. This is a really bad feature and its the last I'll be using this program.

pongo 2009-07-17 09:40

Never had problems with this application, but I've used only 2.6.3 release, and 2.6.2 before.

spiritlifter 2009-11-21 08:20

It is unicode suported after version 2.2

speedrun 2010-01-21 04:00

How do I change file size calculation to be in Kilobytes or Megabytes??? Right now it shows every file size in Bytes. This is extremely annoying when you try to guess how big your file is. MB and GB measure the files of today, not bytes.

bizzle 2010-02-25 15:25

i find peazip superb bt 4 sum reason my comodo i/n security keeps flagging it as suspicious am thinking its F/P but unsure ......all in all tho this is probs the best compression software i have used sweet development.

bizzle 2010-02-25 15:28

nope i was completely wrong and extremely over-cautious its clean as a whistle and still the best thanx peazip(developers)

infimum 2010-03-22 01:01

spiritlifter, unicode is not supported in the Windows environment.

Tiro 2010-10-09 23:08

Never had a single problem adding files to existing ZIP archive with PeaZip, and drag and drop does work.

Static 2011-06-02 08:05

The download website seems to offer the same download (peazip-OC-3.7.WINDOWS.exe) for 'standard installer' and 'peazip portable' versions. I downloaded this file which behaved pretty much like a normal installer which I decided to cancel. Is there a portable .zip version tucked away somewhere? Do I have to use universal extractor?


the_watcher 2011-06-02 10:22

the link to the portable version is wrong. download it from here :


Mixture 2013-02-01 17:12

I encountered a most undesirable feature of this software. If you delete any of the unnecessary language files (i.e. non English), and then try to run PeaZip, the software automatically terminates! I have been looking for a good portable file archiver, but with this bad bug, PeaZip is not my choice!


rogerthedodger 2013-03-29 00:20

@ mixture. why dont you try 7zip, or bandizip


Ganamyde 2014-05-04 18:37

Still doesn't support unicode? lol


AndTheWolf 2014-11-16 17:37

Download link ( raises a 404 "not found" error. Link instead just to or to


webfork 2014-11-16 18:56

AndTheWolf: Joby updated, thanks for the note


Happy.Camper2 2014-12-24 02:22

My experience with PeaZip is to go to:

Download Link:

Happy Holidays to everyone :)


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