CurrPorts v2.77

Andrew Lee on 13 Dec 2023
  • 130KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 12 Dec 2023
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

CurrPorts displays the list of all currently opened networking ports on your local computer. For each TCP/IP and UDP port in the list, information about the process that opened the port is displayed, including the process name, full path of the process, version information of the process (product name, file description and so on), the time that the process was created and the user that created it.

In addition, CurrPorts allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the process that opened the ports and save the TCP/UDP ports information to HTML file, XML file, or to tab-delimited text file. The program will automatically mark with pink suspicious ports owned by unidentified applications (applications without version information and icons).

Runs on:Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch cports.exe.

Similar/alternative apps: LiveTcpUdpWatch, NetworkTrafficView
What's new?
  • Fixed bug: CurrPorts failed to display country/city information for IPv6 addresses.

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Mendy 2020-08-22 08:11

This will definitely come in handy


__philippe 2018-03-13 09:09

CurrPorts v2.50 rel 12-MAR-2018
Noteworthy new function for the paranoïd among us :... ;-)

Port egress|ingress data size capture
("Sent Bytes" "Sent packets" "Received Bytes" "Received Packets")

Remember to activate two crucial options:
• select an "Auto Refresh" frequency
• tick "Collect send/receive Bytes"


PortaFreeUser 2011-05-26 13:54

I like this program. I recently used it to notice some suspicious looking port activities. I was able to close the ports down and then turn them to stealth using my firewall program. Then I used this program again and everything has looked normal ever since then. So I think this program may have helped me to stop some hackers or malware. All of my own internet activities and programs work normally so I really do think this program helped me stop something bad from happening.


ranga 2010-05-25 09:37

i was looking for port number list that brought me here.

nothing bad, i will try this out

ranga of

semiRocket 2009-04-23 06:16

What this tool can that Mark Russinovich's TCPView can't do, I don't understand :?

I think that TCPView is better in any form.

@Yuval M.
You should try Sysinternals applications

Crazy Johnny 2008-04-04 06:35

Sweet! Exactly what I was looking for, testing to see which programs are phoning home.

gbj 2007-05-06 04:00

Surely disagree with Yuval. NO need to trash up the registry when you can use an ini file and keep the app totally portable at the same time. Yuval should really try using the Start Menu instead of browsing through folders to start the app. :-)))))))

Yuval M. 2007-05-06 02:06

v1.20: "The settings of CurrPorts utility is now saved to cfg file instead of using the Registry."
Actually, I liked the idea of using the registry better - it allowed me to put cports.exe directly in the root of my 'Programs' folder, along w/many other truely stand-alone tools - saves browsing through folders when you need a quick launch (I hate to setup & update portable launchers...;) - CurrPorts really doesn't have much of a configuration to deal with, so I never cared about its registry usage anyway...[keeping v1.11]
All in all, another one of the GREAT lightweight yet powerful utilities of Nir Sofer - you must visit his site for more freebies! Thanks Nir :)

raphael 2006-12-05 04:22

Sure can see where that can come in handy :-) That's just the little app one might gladly add to his toolbox. Nice.

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