X-Chromium v117.0.5938.132

Stephen Leibowitz on 4 Oct 2023
  • 303MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 1 Oct 2023
  • Suggested by SYSTEM

Chromium is a fast, open source browser with a minimalist interface. The program is similar to Google Chrome and uses the same code base, but takes up less space and resources usage, has fewer tie-ins with Google, and generally better privacy. Unlike Google Chrome, it is missing proprietary audio and video codecs and there's no automatic update system.

Chromium is cross-platform with clients available for Mac, Linux, and ChromiumOS. X-Chromium is a wrapper program. Earlier versions are available for Win XP to 8.1, and 32-bit Win 10.

Note: X-Chromium's update cycle has in the past been many months apart. Using out-of-date web browsers is not recommended because they may be missing important vulnerability patches.

Runs on:Win10 / Win11
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware/Open Source
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch X-Chromium.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: Firefox, Google Chrome Portable

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freakazoid 2021-11-22 03:37

@tomcat - Even v93 is out of date by three versions... I would recommend using chrlauncher instead.

93.0.4577.63 [rev17]

tomcat 2021-11-20 07:21

There is now a newer version v93.0.4577.63 [rev17] available.

v87.0.4280.88 [rev17]

webfork 2020-03-19 12:19

@DzejPy: I just tested the link and it seems to work okay now. Hopefully it was fixed soon after your post.

v80.0.3987.122 [rev17]

DzejPy 2020-03-19 04:35

On author's site does not link to download the 32bit version.
Just edit download link for the 64bit version - instead of 64 write 32:

v80.0.3987.122 [rev17]

hamasaki 2016-11-02 15:54


Clearing cache / cookies makes no difference. Tried in several browsers, same result. No worries, I`m sure it will fix itself soon.


MnX 2016-11-02 15:21

The current download link (below title) links to a patch (24.0.1284.2.7z) and not the paf.exe

The direct dl link I found is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/crportable/files/ChromiumPortable_56.0.2902.0.paf.exe/download


joby_toss 2016-11-01 15:46

I have no problem downloading the app. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.


hamasaki 2016-11-01 13:52


Exactly, that link is a 500 oops something went wrong page too.


hamasaki 2016-11-01 08:48

Sourceforge is useless at the moment, nothing is downloading. It`s either coming back to the product page or showing a 500. :(


SYSTEM 2016-02-14 09:44

@hamasaki: Thanks, fixed.


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