PhotoRec v6.14

Checker on 30 Jul 2013

PhotoRec is designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks, CDROMs and removable storage. It recognizes the header formats of supported file types, so it will work even if the filesystem is severely damaged or formatted.

Download includes the also-portable TestDisk.

System Requirements: Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7
Writes settings to: None
Stealth: ? No
License: GPL
How to extract:
  1. Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. The application files are located in the win subfolder
  3. Launch photorec_win.exe
What's new? Improvements:
  • Improve Olympus .orf recovery
  • Improve WP Mac/WP5/WP6 Corel Documents .wpd files recovery
  • Fix thumbs.db recovery, avoid some false positive with .doc
  • Interface: if less than 10 file families are enabled, display the results even if zero has been found yet
  • New file formats:
    .aep After Effects
    .axx AxCrypt
    .dp Designer, a Photobook Designer Software
    .lzh archive
    .mmap MindManager
    .plt Gerber Graphix Advantage
    .prproj Adobe Premiere project
    .psb Adobe Photoshop Image
    .pts PTGui, panoramic stitching software
    .qcp The QCP File Format and Media Types for Speech Data (RFC3625)
    .shn Shorten audio file
    .snt Windows Sticky Notes
    .ttd TinyTag Data
    .wallet Armory bitcoin wallet
    .wim Windows imaging (WIM) image
Bug fixes:
  • Fix an endless loop during .caf file recovery
  • Fix tiff recovery including some raw file formats, 64-bit version wasn't affected

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ekin_116 2006-11-06 06:19

The best recovery software. I used this to recovered 418 JPEG files deleted by my friend. Those image files were stored in my digital camera.

a 2006-11-06 20:21

this software is amazing! diffently handy to have around.

simonh 2007-02-19 16:29

Looks as though this would be a very nice utility to have. Unfortunately, the installation instructions cannot be followed because the current zip file does not contain any folder. Trying to run the .exe file, even from a directory with the entire extracted contents of the zip file, causes a complaint that fileinfo file is missing and an admonition to extract all files and folders. Is this zip file only an update to be applied to installed earlier versions that were furnished with the folders referred to in your instructions?

Andrew Lee 2007-02-19 21:38

simonh, either your downloaded ZIP file is corrupted, or you downloaded the wrong file. Do check again.

Scrounger 2007-02-21 06:21

Simonh: I am having the same exact problem you are. I have downloaded the zip file 3X. It will not even run with all of the extracted files present just like you reported

Lyndon 2007-08-16 16:43

The problem is most likely that you have another version of cygwin1.dll

Try the following ...
* Search for cygwin1.dll in the Windows System folder.
* Backup or rename the current cygwin1.dll
* Copy cygwin1.dll from the win folder of the Photorec zip file to your windows system folder
* Test any other programs on your system that may have been using the incompatible version of cygwin1.dll

Monte 2007-08-17 16:08

I am very thankful that Andrew has posted this here. I needed this program $100 ago. After hard drive crashed I was unable to get my collection of family photos off the drive in a useable condition. This program pulled every useable file off the drive, including 95% of my photo collection. None of the names or folders were recovered, but the photos were. The program I paid for recovered the folders and names, however it only recovered 10-25% of the original file.

bebbe lynn 2007-10-30 17:04

woah it reallliiiiiiie works!!!! thank u so much!! i\m not gonna be scolded..

Andrew Lee 2008-02-09 16:39

Just wanna say this is -- absolutely, hands-down, no-question-asked -- the most brilliant file recovery program I have ever used. I deleted two video files from an SD card recently, then copied a couple of files into the card after that before I realized my mistake. Tried all the other file recovery apps in the database without success, but photorec recovered them effortlessly, in addition to a lot of other sh*t that have been deleted ages ago! Incredible!

Bill G 2008-10-22 15:02

This is by FAR the ABSOLUTE BEST recovery software I've ever used. I do wish that it had a window interface... but it just recovered files that would've taken me 2 hours to recreate. Fantastic. (By the way... I tried 3 other favorites including RECUVA before using this. None of them worked. This did. I think RECUVA probably would've worked with a deep scan, but I don't have the 2 hours to sit and wait for that hope!)

Doc 2010-07-01 17:13

Need administrator rights.

Mick G 2010-07-02 10:53

The functionality of this Photorec *free* program is great. The fact that it is free is even better. I've tried it, I like it, i will use it again and I WILL DONATE (honest guv). Fair is fair. Good Karma.

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