Treesize Free update

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Treesize Free update

#1 Post by TP109 »

Version 3.2.1: Released on 27 Oct 2014
• The scan performance on slow HDD drives has been improved.
• Bugfix: Minor problems occurring when scanning network shares on non-Windows Server systems have been fixed.
• Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.

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Re: Treesize Free update

#2 Post by SYSTEM »

Thanks. Entry updated. :)
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Re: Treesize Free update

#3 Post by starshakur »

No idea wheter i'm doing something wrong but the latest version (didn't test with previous versions) doesn't write to AppData if context menu integration is enabled. Windows 10 64-Bit.

Could someone please second it, if that's the case the info under "Stealth" is outdated or limited to older Windows versions.

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Re: TreeSize Free - the evil ribbon has come

#4 Post by smaragdus »

For me the end of TreeSize Free has come with version and its abominable ribbon interface which cannot be disabled:


Last decent, ribbon-less version of TreeSize Free-

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Re: Treesize Free update

#5 Post by Midas »

TreeSize Free v4.0.1 released (changelog at

Now features treemaps and the interface seems to have improved somewhat... :?
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