Win11 not running on older PCs

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Win11 not running on older PCs

#1 Post by juverax »

Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs ... uirements/

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Re: Win11 not running on older PCs

#2 Post by webfork »

My reply here is mostly echoing the linked Reg article but I guess it's worth repeating.

That's very unfortunate and I'm sorry to see it. Whatever happens there's going to be a lot of perfectly good hardware thrown out a lot sooner than was necessary.

I recall back with XP they really wanted to catch up to some of the MacOS interface visuals, but now the draw is probably financial. As the Reg article suggests, they have a big incentive to encourage upgrades as Microsoft is a hardware vendor.

I have a lot of old hardware that I spent extra money on to make sure it was somewhat future-proof, so I'll continue trying to keep it alive by moving to Linux.

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Re: Win11 not running on older PCs

#3 Post by Midas »

IMHO and rather more simplistically, MS' strategy is aimed at one goal: user lock-in (and the underlying data-extraction mana from the general -- and generally less tech-savvy -- public). :roll:

E.g., on a global stage, China has been extricating itself from their grip and there's no way that is anything but a huge blow... they'll still retain India, which has grown into the most populous market on Earth and is also famous for some ham-fisted tech directives.

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