Clibor - clipboard extender

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Re: Clibor - clipboard extender

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@Onesimusprime, I ment those two are my favorite portables, in a way they feel complementary. In QAP I made some links with specific startup parameters. I use both portables at my work. The problem was that not all of my (portable) running programs (like Clibor) are visible in the system tray so I couldn't use all of the functions of Clibor for instance "Preferences" In Clibor 2.2.0. it is now even possible to exit the program with startup parameter \ xt Very convenient if something goes wrong at my work-PC, without questions of the IT-department. I also use Autohotkey. AHK, Clibor are my most important tools. It saves me a lot of time. But I don't want to be more productive I just want to work more relaxed.

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Re: Clibor - clipboard extender

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Leonneke wrote: Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:14 am ...incredible happy that I could’t think anymore, I guess
No stress, I have a string of posts where I did a ton of research on programs including screencaps, testing, usage details, the works. Always somehow miss the URL. :)

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Re: Clibor - clipboard extender

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How do I update Clibor ?

I had a previous version installed. I extracted to the same folder, now Clibor does not run.

If I extract to another folder, it runs OK.

Where are the settings and history stored in Clibor ? If I knew that I could just copy those files to the new folder.


The original Clibor folder had a file Clibor.ENU (in the root folder). If I delete that file, I can just extract to the original folder - and it runs OK.
I don't really understand it :-)
Not sure how Clibor.ENU landed there.

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Re: Clibor - clipboard extender

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Requestimg @MakoSoft to provide a 64-bit version with the next release.

For 64-bit PEs.

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