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Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Screen Capture + Print

#1 Post by smaragdus » Tue May 22, 2018 3:00 pm

I often contact developers requesting portable version or option to run a program in portable mode. When a developer implements portable mode as a way to express my gratitude I write a short review about that program here in the forum. Some time ago I asked the developer of Screen Capture + Print for providing an option to use the program in portable mode and yesterday he released a new version which is portable and stealth. My initial request was a bit more sophisticated- I suggested command line arguments, portable flags, etc, because I know that usually developers insist on using AppData as default settings location. But the developer, Markus Ottiger, came with a more straightforward, better solution- he made Screen Capture + Print portable by default (details below).

Screen Capture + Print is a free software for Windows™ (freeware) and allows to capture the screen content or a part of it. Then it can easily be copied to the clipboard, saved as a picture and printed directly. There are also a few basic image-editing features, including: rotation, grayscale conversion (B&W), inversion (negative), and automatic image orientation adjustment to paper orientation on printout.
  • Capture of any requested screen area:
    • Click on icon in task bar and use the mouse to drag requested selection.
    • Ctrl+PrtSc can be used to start capturing a screen area including open menus and tool tips.
  • Capture of full screen:
    • Click on icon and then click on desktop once; or use menu "Capture Desktop".
    • Shift+PrtSc can be used to capture the full screen including open menus and tool tips.
  • Capture of a single window with or without frame:
    • Menu "Capture Window", then click on title bar or content within window.
    • Ctrl+Shift+PrtSc can be used to start capturing a single window or part of it.
  • Display of pixel size of the selected area.
  • Support of desktops spanning multiple monitors.
  • Support of transparent windows and screen areas.
  • Support of windows displaying video (without hardware video overlay).
  • Output of captured screen area to clipboard for further use in other applications.
  • Direct printing of captured screen area.
  • Saving captured screen area to file (JPG GIF BMP PNG TIF).
  • The latest selections of output path and format will be kept as settings.
  • New: Automatically adjust the image orientation to paper orientation when printing.
  • New: Image adjustments before output: rotate, grayscale (b/w), invert (negative).
  • Setting to start the program automatically on Windows startup.
Freeware Files

Direct Download Links for Screen Capture + Print: Images

Screen Capture + Print version 1.32 - image output (static image):


Screen Capture + Print version 1.32 - image output (animated image):


Screen Capture + Print version 1.32 - tray:


Screen Capture + Print version 1.32 - about:


Screen Capture + Print was not portable until version 1.31, it used to save settings in ScreenCapturePrint.prf file in AppData. From version 1.32 settings file (ScreenCapturePrint.prf) is saved in program folder if it is not write-protected:
Note from the User Guide:
The program remembers the program settings in a file named "ScreenCapturePrint.prf", which is preferably stored in the same directory as the program itself (portable application). If this directory is read-only, that file will instead be stored in the user's default application data directory (AppData). If for some reason setting files exist in both places, then the settings are read from the file changed more recently.
  • Download the archive (English version -, German version -;
  • Extract the archive to a folder of your choice;
  • Run the executable (ScreenCapturePrint.exe);
  • Microsoft Windows™ 7/8/10.
  • Less than 1 MB disk space.
Screen Capture + Print is unrestricted freeware.

I would like to thank the developer- Markus Ottiger, for releasing Screen Capture + Print as fully portable program.
Screen Capture + Print comes with detailed manual (ScreenCapturePrint.pdf).
Screen Capture + Print is tiny (as of version 1.32 the executable is only 485 KB), light (it uses about 8 MB of RAM under Windows 8 x64), easy to use, minimalistic yet handy and it is in active development so I plan to submit it to the database.

Alternatives Details

File details for Screen Capture + Print version 1.32 (released on 2018-05-22):


Screen Capture + Print - English version:

File Size: 639431 Byte(s) (624.44 KB)
Modified Date: 2018-05-22 15:08
MD5: 0ce4737a5d59e9f325018ad8a95685ac
SHA1: e7c487dab6993baff4d5a3bc70b6c6d14b670546
SHA256: 16d22553a382ceadfe2b465cea1bbb51134678bfa96a3adb82cf3115e97b6e51
SHA512: 0df235be5ec30a15921e79a5ffcd0d0359ba374d8e2bd96f2e5c0f71a1a2be1341c5e87423c65975f9f45747a63c127c3f0326a1760977ce12dc0a71dd2da68f


Screen Capture + Print - German version:

File Size: 645603 Byte(s) (630.47 KB)
Modified Date: 2018-05-22 15:07
MD5: 4c28183eb15b911c4a32e977dca62619
SHA1: 7e63f115be5a72dc50dbe85a37c6b6b2375d8fba
SHA256: 4e81d1c4b1541e70bfe827f4accbbf15dd37455947cf8e281b9524b29afdeb4f
SHA512: 9ce2e1160070ccea3297c32401a4cbfb260133244b9b7c8297ff13032d61ccc6c94737dc9bd209abdb2abdd9ff6fdcf15c50f8239ab1a1ec5e059d0ed727e0d1


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Re: Screen Capture + Print

#2 Post by webfork » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:51 pm

Very nice program. Screen capture tools only ever seem to get heavier so this was a nice departure. I was initially frustrated that the program automatically saves to JPEG but you can resolve this by just saving to PNG once and then it uses that same format afterward.

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