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DxWnd v2.05.85 Updated

Special on 22 Jun 2022
  • 13MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 22 Jun 2022
  • Suggested by Special

DxWnd lets you run many applications that default to fullscreen in a window, ideal for games. The program is a Win32 "hooker" program that intercepts and alters the behavior of window messages and APIs. It picks up events and injects code into the configured tasks to run fullscreen programs in a windowed environment while maintaining expected behavior.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: GPL
How to extract:
  1. Download the RAR package and extract (using a decompression tools such as PeaExtractor) to a folder of your choice.
  2. Launch dxwnd.exe.
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Latest comments
Special on 2017-03-25 17:18

Who are you? Like if gho the main guy behind DxWnd move over to Github, only then I would consider it an "official" repo, but other wise it seems pretty unofficial to me when a random person sets one up.

What are some of your contributions to DxWnd? Why didn't gho set it up instead?

refack on 2017-04-22 14:53

@Special, I'm just helping gho with the "mechanics" of the mirror. He owns and approves the mirror.

Midas on 2017-07-04 10:04

Tip: no help files are included in recent builds, so it is advised you grab v2_04_10 from Sourceforge which has the most up to date files.

BTW, the GitHub repository mentioned above by refack is currently empty.

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SmartSystemMenu v2.21.1 Updated

Ennovy on 25 Jun 2022
  • 3MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 25 Jun 2022
  • Suggested by billon

SmartSystemMenu enables a variety of functionality to all windows on your machine. When you click the top-left corner of any window, you'll see available visual effects such as resizing, transparency, alignment (such as moving to the lower-right corner). Window movement functions include as sending to tray, staying on top, and the ability to drag the window without using the top bar ("drag-by-mouse").

The program also supports system functions such as window information, saving a screenshot, copy text to clipboard, and process priority. An available launcher menu can be customized, and SmartSystemMenu can be disabled for individual programs.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Administrator rights
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware/Open Source
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch SmartSystemMenu.exe.
What's new?
  • French translation
  • Hungarian translation
  • Korean translation improvements

AquaSnap Personal Edition v1.23.15 Updated

Ennovy on 9 Jun 2022
  • 10MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 9 Jun 2022
  • Suggested by treis

AquaSnap is a resource-friendly window organization tool. Windows can quickly and easily resize to 1/2 (vertically or horizontally) and 1/4 of the screen by just dragging them to an edge or corner. Other available effects include window-stretching capabilities, making a window transparent when moving it across the screen and ability to manually "shake" a window, enabling transparency or minimizing other windows. Various color and design skins are available for window resize feature.

AquaSnap Personal Edition has all the features of the Professional Edition with the exception of mouse shortcuts, window tiling, "move windows together" and multi-monitor support. Package includes a 32-bit and a 64-bit version and a PortableApps format version is also available.

Runs on:Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Free for personal use
How to extract: Download the "Portable version" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch AquaSnap.Daemon.exe
Similar/alternative apps: WinSplit Revolution
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Latest comments
webfork on 2016-06-05 00:03

Cool, thanks shnbwmn

Ennovy on 2016-09-26 09:50

With version 1.18 Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported

Ennovy on 2016-09-26 09:54

The latest version for Windows XP and Vista:

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GUIPropView v1.21 Updated

Andrew Lee on 15 Apr 2022
  • 149KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 13 Apr 2022
  • Suggested by billon

GUIPropView displays extensive information about all windows currently opened on your system. All top-level windows are displayed in the upper pane and, when selected, the lower pane lists selected child windows.

Controls include the ability to select one or more items and close, hide, show, minimize, maximize, disable, enable etc. You can also click-and-drag the targeting object to point to identify and select a given Window.

Window listing and status details can be exported to a text file or HTML report.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch GUIPropView.exe.
Similar/alternative apps: WinLister
What's new?
  • Added /Filter command-line option, which allows you to export into a file only the Windows that match the specfied filter.
  • The filter is the same filter used for the /Action command, for example:
  • GUIPropView.exe /shtml "c:\temp\windows1.html" /Filter Process:explorer.exe State:Normal

RBTray v4.14

Andrew Lee on 21 Mar 2022
  • 149KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 21 Mar 2022
  • Suggested by modussn

RBTray allows you to minimize application windows to the system tray by:

  • Right-Clicking its minimize button
  • Shift-Right-Clicking on its title bar
  • Using the Windows-Alt-Down hotkey
Note that not all all of these methods will work for every window, so please use whichever one works for your needs.

Restore a window by left clicking that window's tray icon, or by selecting 'Restore Window' from the tray icon's right-click menu.

Note: The program has no tray icon of its own. To exit the application, minimize a window, right-click the resulting tray icon and choose 'Exit RBTray'. Alternatively, run RBTray.exe with the "--exit" parameter.

Runs on:Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: None
Stealth: ? Yes
License: GNU GPLv2
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch RBTray.exe.
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Latest comments
tajjam on 2020-12-25 15:37

So I am using RBTray, but it is not working on Firefox and Opera. Right Click does not minimize these browsers to tray.

PAFuser on 2021-09-19 10:09

Works fine on Firefox if Title Bar visible, if not use Shift-Right-Clicking on Tab Bar (mine in on top) or Windows-Alt-Down. Also works with Thunderbird. Do not use Opera, but one of the three methods in description seems to work on every program I use, so give it a try.

PAFuser on 2022-03-21 09:42

All 3 methods work on Firefox without Title Bar in 4.14 version. Great app.

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