CLCL v2.0.3

Checker on 26 Sep 2015
  • 352KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 26 Sep 2015
  • Suggested by Ezzetabi

CLCL is a clipboard caching utility that supports all clipboard formats, including bitmaps. It comes with a built-in viewer for examining clipboard contents and additional features via plugins, a number of which can be downloaded from the website.

System Requirements: WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware/Open Source
How to extract: Download the ZIP package plus additional plugins (formats and tools) and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch CLCL.exe.

When adding plugin DLLs, make sure you use relative paths (e.g. if you put tool_text.dll in a "Plugins" folder, use .\Plugins\tool_text.dll) to ensure maximum portability.
Similar/alternative apps: Ditto

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lintalist 2015-10-05 22:48

I like(d) CLCL a lot, but on Windows 8/64bit it has a bug for me. I'd set it up to show 19 items in the menu so that the letter 't' is the shortcut for templates menu, unfortunately it doesn't properly register the hotkey of the CLCL program I think because when I press alt-t in any program it always pops up an empty template menu (from CLCL) which shouldn't happen because it not a global hotkey.
Good alternative I found was ArsClip - - and set it up as CLCL as close a possible. Still like CLCL though.


smaragdus 2015-09-26 23:24

After 10 years of inactivity, now the developer is releasing a version after version, nice ;)


billon 2015-09-13 22:05

changelog in the japanese version of site -


spicydog 2015-09-13 15:04


Thanks a lot... Any changelog to understand what changed in this recent version (beside the Unicode support implemented in the previous version)?

Thanks again for the much appreciated update :D


Checker 2015-09-05 19:59

@billon: Thanks ... and updated ;)


smaragdus 2015-09-05 18:36

Great news! I thought that this great tiny clipboard manager had been abandoned for good. I could not find any change log but the major change seems to be that now CLCL supports Unicode natively (no need for Unicode plug-in).


abc 2012-08-21 20:34

Wow, I haven't used this thing in years. Even though it hasn't been updated since 2005 It runs perfectly fine on Windows 7 x64.

The manual setup is a pain in the bum. Here's a copy with all plugins installed with relative paths, and settings applied as suggested by calm_observer.

VirusTotal results:


calm_observer 2007-04-23 16:55

>it writes its settings into a local folder inside its folder

in the app folder there is a file called general.ini;

WorkDir="your folder"

set WorkDir to the folder that contains your data folder, in this case Default. note you can have more than one data folder.

also clcl is very good about using relative addressing. it will use the working directory on startup as it's root folder. i find clcl great for traveling ;}

clcl fan 2007-03-26 06:21

I love this program, but it's not truly portable - it writes its settings into a local folder inside its folder - nothing bad ny that, only that this folder bears the current logged on username - bad for travelers!

legion1978 2006-06-14 13:22

This is the best freeware clipboard and this is cause it grabs some non stadard file formats and not only text or bitmaps. (this is way more some shareware do).
A little complex to use, but surely anyone can handle it.

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