ShellExView v2.01

billon on 10 Jun 2019
  • 105KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 9 Jun 2019
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

ShellExView displays the details of shell extensions installed on your machine and allows you to easily enable/disable each shell extension. ShellExView comes in handy for solving problems caused by third party shell extensions.

Runs on:Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch shexview.exe.
What's new?
  • Fixed bug: ShellExView crashed on some systems.

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rogerthedodger 2013-06-01 00:37

Love this program, recently had the dreaded explorer crash and this program allowed me to easily identify the culprit, and a uninstall/reinstall of the offending (acronis) software fixed my issue. Would have spent an eternity without this software. Should be part of Windoze.


portaFreeUser 2011-02-14 19:53

I really like this simple program. I used it first to hide/disable a corrupted Magic ISO contextual menu in mere seconds. Then later on I learned about some features of Explorer that could be turned off using this program, so I did that. It worked both times without any problems. I like that you can undo the changes too if you like. Good program. Thanks for updating this.

roger 2010-05-04 08:05

@Tad: link to website

Tad 2008-12-14 06:47

Link to the software broken. Anyone have a different link?

Andrea 2007-12-14 06:06

Great, had the same problem Fred had, and solved it with this little utility

GBJ 2007-09-25 05:16

GREAT little utility. MANY THANKS to the author for getting the settings out of the registry and into a cfg file ! Keep up the great work on all of your software, Nir.

fred 2007-09-03 05:16

I had a problem where a right-click on any desktop icon would hang my XP box. This tool is the only one I've found that was able to help. It let me see and disable context menu items easily.

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