GreatNews v1.0.0.386

webfork on 25 Oct 2019
  • 2MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 10 Apr 2010
  • Suggested by Andrew Lee

GreatNews is a RSS feed reader with a special "full page" mode for easier browsing. In full page mode, news articles are assembled into a single page that displays both headlines and excerpts. You can change the number of articles per page, as well as the display style. Other features include New Watches (list all articles with matching keywords), Labels (list all articles with matching labels) and Search Channels (from Yahoo Company News, Feedster, MSN and Flickr).

NOTE: Site is down, linking to Internet Archive.

Runs on:Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch GreatNews.exe.
What's new?
  • Added Persian language pack.
  • Updated:
    • Development tools and libraries;
    • Brazilian Portuguese language pack.
  • Many internal bug fixes.

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webfork 2019-10-25 09:46

@hamasaki: I retested both today and they seem to be working fine. Hopefully it was just a brief outage


hamasaki 2019-10-24 20:51

Both download link and website url are 404.


nikkho 2017-10-26 17:19


nikkho 2017-10-26 17:18

Since 1.0.386 there has been some unofficial updates, including a native x64 version of my own:

Ver 1.0 (Build 396) released on 10/26/2017 (Guti)
+ Disabled 06/30/2017 expiration
+ Upgraded SQLite from 3.7.13 to 3.14.0
+ Compiled with Visual C++ 2010

Ver 1.0 (Build 394) released on 07/31/2012 (Guti)
+ Compiled with /GF /QIfist
+ Added some SQLite performance tunnings (SQLITE_HAVE_ISNAN, SQLITE_DEFAULT_MEMSTATUS 0)

Ver 1.0 (Build 393) released on 07/26/2012 (Guti)
+ Compiled with Visual C++ 2012 RC
+ Reverted SQLite SQLITE_TEMP_STORE=3 in 392 because it caused 700 MB RAM usage memory peaks
+ Added further SQLite code removals (SQLITE_OMIT_BUILTIN_TEST, SQLITE_OMIT_TRACE)
+ Added some SQLite performance tunnings (SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ; removed SQLITE_OMIT_XFER_OPT)

Ver 1.0 (Build 392) released on 07/23/2012 (Guti)
+ Optimized SQLite settings to use in-memory journal (SQLITE_ENABLE_ATOMIC_WRITE 3 and disable SQLITE_OMIT_MEMORYDB)
+ Enabled optimizations /Oy /GT /GS- /fp:fast

Ver 1.0 (Build 391) released on 07/22/2012 (Guti)
+ x86 and x64 versions
+ Compiled with Visual C++ 2010
+ Upgraded SQLite from to 3.7.13
+ Upgraded ZLib from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7

Ver 1.0 (Build 390) released on 06/08/2011
+ Updated SQLite to
+ Enabled Aero theming on Windows Vista/7
+ Removed a few of the oldest DB upgraders
+ Cleaned up the HTML being generated
+ Updated Vietnamese language pack (Thanks Narga)
+ Included "0 News Window v2" stylesheet (Thanks patrick013)
+ Internal preparations for future 64-bit builds
+ Fixed bug converning creation of new Feed Groups
+ Added keyboard shortcut for "Mark All As Read" (Ctrl+Shift+G)

Ver 1.0 (Build 389) released on 01/24/2011
+ Fixed numbering error when paging through labeled items
+ Added option to mark all of a feed's items unread
+ Fixed a bug when initializing a "fresh" installation
+ Some general code cleanups
+ Reduced DB locking
+ Increased zlib compression level
+ Additional attempts at compression at various points
+ Corrected URI for Feed Validator
+ Updated SQLite to to 3.7.4
+ Removed update checks and auto updater
+ Built using the WDK to remove the statically linked C/C++ runtimes (AKA bloat)

Ver 1.0 (Build 388) released on 06/19/2010
+ Fixed bug where switching the language from the GUI wouldn't work
+ Fixed bug where a "fresh" installation's database would database would be created incorrectly
+ Made "advanced" feed menu the default

Ver 1.0 (Build 387) released on 05/12/2010
+ Updated package with additional style sheets from the forum
+ Available styles now listed in alphabetical order on non-NTFS partitions
+ Updated WTL to to 8.1.9127 (was: 8.0.7161)
+ Rebuilt project files from scratch, to get all the benefits VS2008 has to offer
+ Added "Bing" to search channels
+ Tweaked SQLite config to reduce its footprint, and possibly gain more speed
+ Added option to disable the cleanup wizard
+ Some restructuring of the database
+ Integrated DB maintenance tool into main program - upgrades are now applied automatically
+ Updated zlib to 1.2.5
+ Removed greatnews_upgrade.ini/newsfeed_upgrade.db mechanisms
If you want to customize a new installation, simply name the relevant files greatnews.ini/newsfeed.db instead
+ Added icons to updater and language editor
+ Added some untranslated strings to the English language pack; also updated the German one
+ Disabling "Update all feeds when GreatNews starts" now works in a way that makes sense
+ Waiting in case of an error when updating a feed, then retrying later now working better
+ Modified crash recovery behavior to be more silent
+ Fixed tab order in label properties, feature options and channel settings dialogs
+ ANSI builds are now officially declared dead


webfork 2015-03-05 23:59

ancientimages: updated, thanks


ancientimages 2015-03-05 23:06

Looks like the page is back up:

I just downloaded the .ZIP and installed it. Everything seems to be in order, which is good, because Softpedia only seemed to have the .exe installer.


Checker 2014-12-06 11:24

@ Emka: Linked to Softpedia.


Emka 2014-12-06 08:19

links broken


hamasaki 2013-10-26 07:15

External browsers are supported. Open the 'greatnews.ini' file and add the following (example using Firefox)


This has been my favourite RSS reader for years.


Kermonk 2010-08-04 22:43

Doesn't seem to support external browser, but shows all internally.

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