Tixati v2.58-1 Updated

billon on 9 Jul 2018
  • 72MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 8 Jul 2018
  • Suggested by Ruby

Tixati is an easy-to-use file sharing program utilizing the distributed, peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol. The program includes a clean, simple interface with the notable ability to prioritize files within a downloading torrent so you can get the first song or video downloaded and previewed quickly. Also supports customized download folders by file type, bandwidth throttling, transfer visualizations, encryption, prioritization, RSS support, IP filtering, DHT and magnet links.

A 64-bit version is available (within the folder).

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the "Portable Edition" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Delete tixati_Linux32bit and tixati_Linux64bit. Launch tixati_Windows32bit.exe or tixati_Windows64bit.exe (for 64-bit OS).
Similar/alternative apps: BitComet, qBittorent, uTorrent, Halite
What's new? See:

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smaragdus 2014-09-07 01:42

The latest portable version of Tixati- 1.99, contains both x32 and x64 builds so there's no need to install the x64 version any more.


Checker 2014-09-07 02:48

@ smaragdus: Database entry updated ;)


smaragdus 2015-04-18 04:10

Tixati version 2.11 has been released.


Checker 2015-04-18 06:57

@ smaragdus: Thanks ... and updated ;)


Swarup 2015-04-18 16:15

Best P2P downloader.


mopodede 2015-04-19 20:06

Friends tell me please how to use the "Channels" that is, to quote one of the users' himself dc ++ hub ".

as they take (download) files ??

P.S. I apologize for my language, i am from Armenia.


Maeve13 2015-04-25 21:43

Something to be noted with the portable version, if you use categories with your downloads to organize them, the paths for the categories folders are stored as absolute, not relative, meaning you'd have to manually change the path every time you move Tixati.


Maeve13 2015-05-09 16:24

Portability categories issue fixed in 2.12.


CornHolio the Gringo 2015-05-16 19:08

Tryed this software, but it locked several times. I really wanna like this software cause it reminds me of ol WinMX interface.
I dont know why the software needs to be so huge (19MB).


smaragdus 2015-08-08 15:57

Tixati 2.15 has been released, changes:


Checker 2015-08-08 17:08

@ smaragdus: It's now v2.16, but thanks ... and updated ;)


atomizer 2015-08-08 18:18

"The program includes a clean, simple interface ..."

actually, i find the UI to be anything but simple and clean

that said, Tixati is thee most powerful and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows that i am aware of that still has a GUI


smaragdus 2015-10-13 18:07

The same day version 2.18 was released Tixati developers released a new one- 2.19- changes- http://www.tixati.com/news/


Checker 2015-10-13 21:16

@smaragdus: My update was 2 minutes faster than your post, but thanks ;)


smaragdus 2015-10-20 03:08

Sorry ;) It seems that before I posted the message you had already updated it but I didn't see it (refresh would have helped). I know that you do great work with the updates but since there were two updates of Tixati in a single day I thought you might have omitted it, but you didn't ;). Once again- sorry ;)


DarkShadow 2016-02-16 18:53

v2.34 released !


zorro 2016-10-31 21:35

FYI: Tixati (the official portable package) is not completely stealth, it registers Magnet-Links, Torrents and "dsc" in the registry.


Realist 2016-12-07 04:59

Is it better than µtorrent ?


__philippe 2017-02-23 19:11


Didn't trust Tixati's ample 131MB footprint truly qualified as "lightweight";
just took the liberty to rub out the deceptive quantifier from the main entry.


smaragdus 2017-02-24 07:00

In terms of resource usage on my System Tixati is relatively light, at least compared to qBittorrent- as I am writing this Tixati (x64) uses about 50 MB of RAM, while qBittorrent- about 165 MB of RAM. So at least on my system Tixati is more than 3 times lighter than qBittorrent.


__philippe 2017-02-24 12:26

No contest in terms of comparative memory usage.

Was merely referring to Tixati's formerly stated "131MB (uncompressed)" binary file size.
In my book, such a size is anything but lightweight.

But...wait a minute...

Checking Tixati's actual package contents, my inner Doubting Thomas just discovered:

Size (bytes)

 36,480,760  tixati_Windows64bit.exe
 32,828,192  tixati_Linux64bit
 31,236,004  tixati_Linux32bit
            344  tixati_portable_mode.txt
 38,949,112  tixati_Windows32bit.exe


So, the original main entry statement "131MB (uncompressed)" size was actually referring to
the SUM TOTAL of the multiple PE executables supplied for various platforms !
Slightly deceptive if you ask me ...

In this specific case, we should perhaps re-instate the main entry as:

Tixati v2.53
Windows32bit.exe 39Mb (uncompressed)

...for the sake of complying with the Federal Trade Commission "Truth in Advertising" campaign...;-)


Midas 2017-02-24 13:31

Nice work, detective. ;)


__philippe 2017-02-24 14:33

Sleuths of the World, Unite !

__philip Marlowe...;-)


smaragdus 2017-02-24 17:48

I think it was not a wise idea that Tixati developers packaged the portable versions for Linux and Windows in one and the same archive- more traffic for them and for the users- I suppose a small number of users need both Windows and Linux versions. What surprises me is that the x32 build (tixati_Windows32bit.exe) is bigger- 38,037 KB than the x64 build (tixati_Windows64bit.exe)- 35,626 KB.


smaragdus 2017-02-24 20:33

Tixati is not "72MB (uncompressed)"- it is either 38 MB (x32) or 36 MB (x64).


__philippe 2017-02-24 21:12


Thanks for your quietly updating Tixati's main entry, following the above agitation...;-)

  • "Uncompressed size": revised total footprint of relevant Win PE binaries
  • "How-to-extract": added pertinent advice to discard irrelevant Unix binaries


__philippe 2017-02-24 23:33

(Tixati is not "72MB (uncompressed)"- it is either 38 MB (x32) or 36 MB (x64).)

Quite so, strictly speaking...


Currently, the "Uncompressed size" field is formally defined in the entry form as:
   "Total size of application files when fully unarchived/uncompressed".

We don't really want to open a whole 'nother can of worms about what exactly ought to be the appropriate scope of the "uncompressed size" field definition, with implication for every current entry in the Data Base, do we ?



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