UltraDefrag v7.0.2

billon on 18 Dec 2016
  • 4MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 17 Dec 2016
  • Suggested by pagliaro

UltraDefrag manages file fragmentation on to improve file access time and overall system speed of magnetic (non-SSD) drives. The program includes quick and full defragmentation modes for frequent or occasional (usually monthly) optimization on NTFS, FAT and exFAT-formatted drives. The program is optimized for efficiency and speed versus other available tools and can be paused mid-defrag. See FAQ for usage suggestions.

Supports over 40 world languages and includes a command-line version.

Alternatively, UltraDefrag Portable switches automatically between the 32/64-bit versions and cleans up the fragmentation details left behind on drives.

System Requirements: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: Administrator rights
Stealth: ? Yes. If reporting is disabled
Unicode support: Yes
Path portability: Automatic relative path (eg. ..\..\personal\work.doc)
License: GPL
How to extract:
  1. Download the "PORTABLE EDITION" ZIP package based on your processor:

    • For 32-bit Intel and AMD: ultradefrag-portable-X.X.X.bin.i386.zip
    • For 64-bit Intel and AMD: ultradefrag-portable-X.X.X.bin.amd64.zip
    • Intel Itanium only: ultradefrag-portable-X.X.X.bin.ia64.zip
    (If you're not sure, SIV is a tool to help find out what kind of processor you have.)

  2. Extract to a folder of your choice
  3. Delete unnecessary language files in locale and po folders
  4. Launch ultradefrag.exe
  • Disable automatic version check: go to Settings, Graphical interface, and then Options. Modify "disable_latest_version_check = 0" to "disable_latest_version_check = 1".
  • Specify the location of log files: under Options edit log_file_path = ""
Similar/alternative apps: Defraggler, WinContig
What's new?
  • Graphical and command line tools were optimized for speed and size.
  • The following translations were updated: Arabic, Filipino (Tagalog), Iloko, Indonesian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Uzbek (Latin).

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Emka 2012-01-21 16:59

See this forum post on how to disable update check and specifiy location of log files: http://www.portablefreeware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=45877


I am Baas 2012-01-21 18:22

Entry updated to include this info. Thanks.


Aeolis 2012-04-08 19:39

Does UltraDefrag support relative path in the log_file_path = "" switch? Like log_file_path = "..\Log", so it could store the logs inside a folder where the application .exe is.


webfork 2012-10-20 20:18

My defrag program of choice. I don't know if it's faster or better than other programs here on the site, but I like the open source and system-optimized binaries.


misan 2013-08-10 14:30

IMHO: This is the worsest defrag application. I compared and tested it with many other apps. Auslogics DiskDefrag is the best.


webfork 2013-08-13 23:41

misan: how did you compare them? why was it the worst?


Special 2013-08-14 15:32

misan, that sound like an incredibly fanboyish thing to say if all you've got is anecdotal evidence, how about sharing with us these benchmarks you've done to back up this statement?


misan 2013-08-14 21:12

Because of the different strategies of most defrag apps you can do more false then right:
if you're using Vista/7/8 use the build-in defragmenter on a regular basis,
if you use XP my favourite is DiskDefrag on a regular basis,
if you defragment your hard disk, please use only one app for it.

I'm not a 'fanboy' of Auslogics DiskDefrag or any of their other products.


avi-aryan 2013-09-24 11:05

Ultra Defrag looks good and works fast . I downloaded it just after reading a review at http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-disk-de-fragmenter.htm . Just can't wait to see how it works when compared to all other defragmenters I have tried in the past.

PS - Can anyone help me how to enable Boot Time Defragmentation provided I use the portable version.


webfork 2015-06-28 23:20

Avi-aryan: on the Boot Time Defrag, it's unfortunately still only available for the installed version.


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