Advanced Onion Router v0.3.1.5

billon on 5 Nov 2017
  • 10MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 5 Nov 2017
  • Suggested by Vector

Advanced Onion Router is designed to bypass various barriers with a secure, anonymous Internet connection. The program attempts to circumvent firewalls, website censorship, web tracking tools and more. Allows user of almost any application that connects to the Internet. Unlike similar clients that require a configurable proxy, AdvOR is able to "force" a program to use the Tor network.

Note that the Tor site recommends against using the service for Torrent connections.

Note: Instructions for making Tor editions of Opera, Firefox, and Chat are included in the "Help" directory.

Runs on:WinAll / Wine
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
License: Various Open Source
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch AdvOR.exe.

Optionally, go to the "System" menu in options and check "Try to write to disk less frequently". This is ideal for increasing the life of drives running from flash memory.
Similar/alternative apps: PortableTor
What's new? Updated:
  • geoip_c.h with GeoIPCountryWhois.csv released on October 4'th; there are 163953 IP ranges having 32 ranges in the fake "A1" country; all 32 ranges were approximated to real countries.
  • The OpenSSL library to 1.1.0g.
  • Directory authorities according to

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webfork 2013-07-19 02:26

I've tested out several programs and this is still my program of choice for the Tor network. Very lucky to have it.


Qoz 2011-09-04 15:36


maxos 2011-07-19 13:35

Yes, webfork. I need more info please. Here's the forum I'm posting in
Thank you
Hussein Maxos


ChipsNHotSauce 2011-06-16 22:51

the network speed varies, now days it seems like almost everyone has upgraded to broadband *yay*.. and I think the intercept function is great, it automatically selects the process and child process which perfect for programs without "proxy support", e.g some games. I highly recommend running with private browsing or clearing cookies/web storage when using web browsers though as you can easily leak information in web browsers.


webfork 2011-05-23 18:40

Hussein: Knowing that you are coming from an anonymous network doesn't mean your identity is exposed. Not every website wants anonymous visitors (they frequently cause problems) and the TOR network has to identify itself to avoid legal challenges. I can go into greater detail about this in forums.


Hussein Maxos 2011-05-22 14:09

Sorry webfork.. I'm not a web developer, but I don't understand why Tor gives a chance to web sites to discover anonymous users, then the whole concept of anonymous browsing is meaningless. Free hosting sites are aggressive with free users yet they are very popular. Are there a stronger anonymizing software without such a hole? I tried UltraSurf, Hotspot Shield, Vidalia etc. see here
Sorry for complaining.


webfork 2011-05-20 02:07

Hussein: the TOR network is set up so that client sites can run a basic script to block TOR users, as not all sites want anonymous visitors. Its likely those sites detect TOR users and restrict them accordingly.


Vektor 2011-05-06 04:34

>> The best way to deal with it is changing IP which AdvTor can do, but they seem to discover that and give error messages like file not found!!

I haven't tested JDownloader, but if the error message is "file not found", maybe the file was not available in the first place. If the file was found the error message should be related to filehost-specific download limitations like "no slots for your country" / "you are already downloading a file" / etc. Be sure that you don't access the same website using cookies set for a previous identity - when you change the identity, delete all cookies. If the program you use doesn't have the option to clear cookies, see if it uses wininet.dll (if the program is intercepted and IE doesn't use any proxy settings, you can see if it uses wininet.dll in the Debug window) - if it does, you have to clear IE cookies. One of the next versions of AdvOR (maybe 0.3.x) will have a new plugin that will expire all cookies when a new identity is used. Until then, you have to clear all cookies manually when changing your identity.


Hussein Maxos 2011-05-04 13:58

Thank you Vektor for your invaluable efforts. AdvTor has been running smoothly with many programs. My only problem is the file hosting sites. I use JDownloader to download from fileserve, rapidshare, hotfile, filesonic etc. You know, they have very annoying policy with free users such as lengthy waiting and restricted download data and speed. The best way to deal with it is changing IP which AdvTor can do, but they seem to discover that and give error messages like file not found!!
Any suggestions? Thank you again


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