RBTray v4.11 Updated

billon on 6 Jan 2021
  • 149KB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 22 Jun 2020
  • Suggested by modussn

RBTray allows you to minimize application windows to the system tray by:

  • Right-Clicking its minimize button
  • Shift-Right-Clicking on its title bar
  • Using the Windows-Alt-Down hotkey
Note that not all all of these methods will work for every window, so please use whichever one works for your needs.

Restore a window by left clicking that window's tray icon, or by selecting 'Restore Window' from the tray icon's right-click menu.

Note: The program has no tray icon of its own. To exit the application, minimize a window, right-click the resulting tray icon and choose 'Exit RBTray'. Alternatively, run RBTray.exe with the "--exit" parameter.

Runs on:Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: None
Stealth: ? Yes
License: GNU GPLv2
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch RBTray.exe.
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tajjam 2020-12-25 15:37

So I am using RBTray, but it is not working on Firefox and Opera. Right Click does not minimize these browsers to tray.


pilgrim 2011-07-08 11:08


zak_711 2011-07-07 22:14

Hidewin, Iconize, RBTray, and so on ...
I think the best and more useful that let you iconize on sys tray and set the trasparency of every window just right clicking is still Power Menu.


TH 2011-04-19 19:09

I find I have to double click tray icon to restore, single click does nothing. Using XP SP3. Very useful program.


webfork 2011-02-22 16:02

Dead simple, VERY low memory usage (only 300k), and GPL'd. Terrific.


kun 2010-10-10 09:48

great tool... It does only one thing and does it very well without any disturbing irritations

E. Norton 2010-07-15 16:21

It will exit properly if you run the RBTray.exe with the '--exit' parameter, just not with right clicking and selecting 'Exit RBTray'.

E. Norton 2010-07-15 16:16

Seems like a nice utility. Works well and smaller footprint compared to other objet-to-tray apps. 32bit Won't exit properly on XP SP3 - selecting 'Exit RBTray' merely disables it with no way to re-activate it. Attempting to run RBTray.exe results in 'RBTray is already running' error but RBTray is essentially dead. Killing the process in task manager allows you to run it properly. Aside from this bug I recommend it.

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