JPEGView v1.0.37

billon on 24 Feb 2018
  • 5MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 24 Feb 2018
  • Suggested by infimum

JPEGView is a minimalistic viewer/editor designed to view images from digital cameras full screen and with highest quality possible. Basic image editing functionality is provided, allowing correction for typical problems as color cast, high/low contrast, orientation and under- or overexposure very quickly and interactively during review of the images. The program can view and save JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or WEBP. Includes batch rename and copy features.

While JPEGView is not intended as a replacement for a full-blown image editor, the included tool set of commonly-used modifications means such editors should be needed less often.

A 64-bit version is available (within the folder).

Alternatively, JPEGView Portable is also available from PortableApps.

Runs on: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: GPL
How to extract:
  1. Download the ZIP package and extract to a temproary folder
  2. Choose the folder for your operating system (JPEGView32 or JPEGView64) and copy to a folder of your choice
  3. Launch JPEGView.exe
Similar/alternative apps: FreeVimager
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GerryB 2020-09-06 13:42

Re my previous comment: This was with the 32-bit version. I have no way of knowing how the 64-bit version deals with transparencies, as I can't run it on my machine. At any rate, viewing them is OK; just don't save them from JPEGView.


GerryB 2020-09-06 13:32

Something I've encountered in JPEGView: If you're working with a transparent PNG file, avoid editing and saving it with JPEGView, as the app cannot retain the transparent content and will replace it with a black background. JPEGView is otherwise very good for basic image editing.


shnbwmn 2018-05-07 06:10

You can also use something like eXpresso[1], which has the benefit of being global and singular.



alanc 2018-02-25 05:00

I agree with the positive comments. I scanned all my ancient negatives and slides to huge tif files. This is the only viewer that opens these full screen instantly on my machine. Other progs have more functionality, and I have those, but as a graphics viewer on a Windows box, this is unrivalled.

To put it on the right click context menu for a folder, make and run a reg file as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Portables\\Graphics\\JPEGView64\\JPEGView.exe \"%1\""

where "C:\\Portables\\Graphics\\JPEGView64\\JPEGView.exe" is your path to the exe.


webfork 2018-01-19 17:30

Needless to say, this program is drastically better than the included image viewer for Win10.


webfork 2016-09-03 02:12

This viewer has been my default graphics editor for over ~3 years now. Very fast, lightweight, and minimalistic. I recommend cycling through the included INI file for additional available settings and tweaks.


shnbwmn 2016-04-22 11:02

Great program for quick viewing; currently my default.

If someone's looking for a similar program with much more functionality/info, try out Faststone Viewer. It opens tons of fomats (incl RAW) fullscreen on a black background, and moving the mouse to either corner of the screen gives handy popup windows for metadata, editing, browsing, etc. I switched to JPEGView because you can quickly go from fullscreen to borderless window, as well as quickly zoom the window in and out, which is handy when doing graphic work with reference images.


outskirter 2013-04-21 17:44

Just tried the update. The support for animated GIFs was a welcome addition, because up until now I had to open GIFs in another program to view the animations. This app just keeps getting better!


outskirter 2013-03-18 04:47

@turionaltec: Actually, anything is quicker than Windows photo viewer, but yes, JPEGView is a great app, and incredibly versatile for its size.


turionaltec 2013-02-02 00:50

Every once in a while you come across a program that you think might change your life. This is one. I set it as my default Jpg viewer. A lot quicker than Windows photo viewer, automatically displays full screen photo (=bigger pictures when browsing), and honours EXIF rotate tags. Wish I had it 10 years ago.


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