Dexpot v1.6.14 Build 2439

Checker on 4 Sep 2014
  • 10MB (uncompressed)
  • Suggested by Ennovy

Dexpot is a complete virtual desktop manager with up to 19 available desktops, Window catalog, various Preview modes, and window moving. The program also includes a variety of user interface improvements include managing window transparency, folding windows up into their title bar, right-click minimize to taskbar, and many more.

A 64-bit version is available (within the folder).

System Requirements: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Writes settings to: Application folder
Dependencies: Administrator rights, MSVBVM60.DLL, and MSCOMCTL.OCX
Stealth: ? Yes
Unicode support: Yes
License: Free for personal use
How to extract:
  1. Download the portable ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Create an empty portable.ini file in the app folder (if not already present)
  3. Launch dexpot.exe (for 32-bit OS) or Dexpot64.exe (for 64-bit OS)
What's new? New:
  • Taskbar Pager: Show desktop names as tooltips when hovering.
  • Interpret command line arguments without a running Dexpot instance.
  • Improved Hungarian language file.
  • Simplified license key prompt.
  • Backslash was lost with network paths in 'Configure Desktops > Start-up'.
  • DexControl: Improved window closing on excluded monitors.

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Marbel 2008-11-02 12:57

Imho, the best virtual desktop software for Windows. I've tried many.

gp_hbk 2008-11-04 10:22

Definitely the most feature-balanced virtual desktop app for Windows. I started on virtual desktops with this app.

I still prefer the simplicity of Yod'm 3D. I never seemed to use more than 3 of the desktops of the 9 I had set up in Dexpot.

a 2008-11-12 07:08

Free professional quality desktop manager. That's Dexpot. I've been using it for years. Glad to see they've finally made it portable.

Chaim 2009-01-18 12:21

Excellent Program.
Great that its portable and even better that its free.
You can't get a desktop manager better than this for free.
Besides it only uses 12mb of process where Yod'm 3D uses around 30.
This program is also stuffed packed with features.
For example Yod'm 3D allows you to have seperate icons and wallpapers. Besides being extremely buggy if one wants to display 3 out of 20 desktop icons only on one desktop he must uncheck the 17 he does not want manually. With Dexpot all the desktops besides one are empty and icons created on one desktop stick to that desktop.
Dexpot provides tons more ways of switching desktops.
Even though i don't think i will stick with this program because I don't need to use a desktop manager I highly recommend this program to any one he does.

Fantastic Work :)

MAW of OK 2009-05-28 18:18

I just downloaded & installed v1.4.2. It's in English for me. I didn't have to change Sprache to Einstellungen.

GD 2009-06-22 08:26

If you look in the dexpot website, you'll find a portable version of the app to run from USB.

AA 2009-07-02 15:12

Help! I've downloaded Dexpot but can't figure out what to do next. A Dexpot window opens, then disappears. The little German I know isn't getting me anywhere. I can't find an .exe file anywhere, either. Thanks.

mozkill 2009-10-14 20:29

Now , if I could flip between my actual computer and another desktop on another system, that would be "something" worth having...

gdanonym 2010-05-19 07:59

No this app is not working properly. When switching sometimes moving apps to the other desktop. When it completely stops working and shutdown, non visible apps are missing and you have to reboot completely.
After a view year working with this, and upgrading to latest softwareversion, real problems occur.
Even a backup of the old settings is giving problems now.

So looking for replacement app now.

portFreeUser 2010-05-27 16:58

It's a nice program, but it's CPU use goes a bit higher than would be nice for people running digital audio workstations. Most users should find it acceptable and useful, however.

PS 2010-05-29 16:09

Installed fine but when changing some setting it crashes my PC worse than any other program ever managed to... pity, but does not work for my XP64.

wolssiloa 2010-06-04 15:10

excellent and FREE program. Best of all there's a x64 version!

Paul 2010-06-04 20:45

Excellent app. Have used versions of it for years without any problems.

- mozkill,start a vnc session in full screen in one window and you have what you're looking for. As long as the other pc isn't using the same keyboard shortcuts you can switch back and forth no problem.

TJ 2010-06-05 03:44

Just found this here on pfw, AMAZING, great 3D effects and very light. For anyone that does any actual work on a PC there is zero reason to not run this app. Especially great for those of us who walk the line between programmer and designer.

vbb 2010-10-06 16:01

These days, many graphic cards have a built-in desktop manager which can serve you as many as virtual desktops you like. And because they use their own mother-graphic-board, so they should be much better than other 3rd parties. But I really believe that nobody needs more than 2 desktops. Simple is beautiful.

donald 2011-06-02 17:42

Just retested this for my own use and this is excellent.
I see an incredible improvement since I last tried this.
I may replace Yodm3d with this.

V1.5.10 build 1579

dany 2011-06-18 06:46

After setup it all worked fine, cool rotating 3d cube and all. But after reboot the plugins didn't work and worse, my desktops were all screwed up (gadgets gone, background changed, screensaver gone etc...). Reloading my profile only made matters worse, flashing desktops, 5sec screensavers and all other kinds of havoc. Rebooted and loaded the default profile, same story.
Luckily I had only to delete the dir and reboot to fix all, portable ftw!
I never had these problems on XP 32bit but now on win7 64bit it seems to be very buggy atm... So if you're on a 64bit sys, be cautious.
Nevertheless very cool desktop manager, used it for years, but I'll have to pass for now.

V1.5.10 build 1579

zarathustra 2011-06-30 03:06

can anyone get the portable versions to launch? the only way it works is if you install it

V1.5.11 build 1648

joby_toss 2011-07-01 06:22

1.5.11 version works OK on my win7x64.

V1.5.11 build 1648

abc 2012-01-15 19:39

Who cares for all the glitter effects that can hog memory. It's real use is to organize screen clutter which it does very well. The biggest feature for me is having multiple desktops with different icons and wallpaper, screensavers, etc. Of course that's just one of many features available. Simply put one of the best virtual desktop managers around. My only complaint is that it requires admin rights.

V1.5.14 build 1777

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