MSD Organizer Freeware v13.7 Updated

billon on 28 Jul 2020
  • 31MB (uncompressed)
  • Released on 28 Jul 2020
  • Suggested by Ennovy

MSD Organizer Freeware is an personal information organizer that includes a wide variety of modules. These include a phone book, todo list, calendar with reminder function, password manager, foreign currency support, word processor, calculator, import/export capabilities etc.

Note: The free version does not include password protection, password encryption, Google sync, history manager, advanced filter, network messenger and news.

Runs on: Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to: Application folder
Unicode support: No
License: Liteware
How to extract:
  1. Download the "Portable" ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice
  2. Launch MSDOrganizer.exe
  3. For the free version, uncheck the "Enable the additional features of the professional version of the program"" box at the bottom of the window that appears
Optionally, leave this checked to test out the professional version (not freeware).

Note: Settings will only be written to the application folder if the application files are located on a removable drive. Otherwise, settings will be written to the user profile folder.
Similar/alternative apps: Essential PIM Free
What's new? See:

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dot 2015-11-26 14:44

It doesn't even run and hangs if you don't allow it to connect to the Internet (at least the first time). Tried three times and dumped it for good after about one minute.


Ennovy 2015-04-10 09:31

MSD Organizer uses the folder I mentioned (C:\Users\my_name\AppData\Roaming\MSD_Soft)for temp files.
The files in that folder are deleted on exit.


Ennovy 2015-04-10 06:46

Installed on my harddrive and tested the portable version again, under Windows 7 64 bit.
Settings and data are now written in the application folder.
The user profile folder contains an empty folder C:\Users\my_name\AppData\Roaming\MSD_Soft


PJ 2010-03-10 05:49

Yeah its rubbish. The idiots have added a large calendar which is outdated by years, so you have to sit and acknowledge you missed fictive meetings years ago.
AND it writes stuff to the registry even though its supposedly portable and to %appdata%! Should be removed f from this database at once.

webfork 2010-01-26 04:32

The UI has been cleaned up in the last few versions and there are a startling number of features, tools, and customizations underneath. Notably an included basic spreadsheet and wordpad-type program are both easy to use and impressive. I'm still exploring this software.

I encourage first time users to click "options" and uncheck "Dairy, Property, Budget, Health", and "Music" as these are all pro-only tools. Then skip past some of the initial popups meant to demonstrate the program and read the help file that pops up.

Apu 2010-01-20 15:38

One look at the screenshot for this app. led me to hurl. What a GUI travesty!

Loner 2010-01-19 23:42

From the screenshot, this program looks too busy with all sorts of windows. Why can't authors make things look more organized? Even if its free, don't people have pride in their work?

Software Engineer 2008-03-30 18:10

The application is horrible. After clicking on EXE file it gave a message something like "Installing in dir XYZ". What is installation process for portable software should be? Having loaded it came up with some kind expired alert messages that I could not get rid. It didn't allow me to escape this alert. Only choice I had was to kill the process from task manager. So, I even didn't have a chance to look through this application. Horrible design if only choice to stop application was to kill process.

tpig 2007-08-28 20:22

This program is sure features packed. However, the problem of features packed program is it require good UI. I hope the developer can improve this.

cassius 2007-07-17 01:38

I have used the Essential PIM, and it is very nice, good piece, but in this you can find an real dates vs. planned ones, you can plan your budget connected with tasks (birthdays+presents costs, for example), etc.. What I found really unnecessary are health database and music.. But, you are not forced to use them if you don't want.. Interface is ugly, but the functionality is good.. De gustibus non disputandum!

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