LS - File List Generator v1.53

webfork on 25 Jan 2016
  • 119KB (uncompressed)
  • Suggested by AlephX

LS - File List Generator collects information about all files and subfolders located under your specified path and generates a listing in various file formats, including text, HTML and CSV.

System Requirements: Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / Win2K / WinXP
Writes settings to: Application folder
Unicode support: No
License: Freeware
How to extract: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch LS.exe.

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FriedGeek 2007-02-16 06:32

I highly recommend this software. I have to use it at the end of every quarter to create a list of the documents I've done.

jparra 2007-02-17 14:13

I think that Directory Lister is much better

vasilijpupkin 2007-05-02 13:25

I've tried it, the program does its job good but crashes constantly while I try to close it (Windows XP SP2). Don't know if its my systems glitch or programs, but I'm gonna try some other similar tools.

Rais 2008-03-10 00:56

Broken Links!!!

Michelle 2008-03-12 16:43

I found a here -

Domagoj - croatia 2008-04-04 11:51
Edub9 2008-10-24 11:04

I love it and have been using it for years.
I use this to create lists of website files and folders when
testing installs and it makes my testing and sorting much easier.

kiest 2009-08-02 08:50

So many directory listers, but none that supports unicode?! Finally found one in an unlikely category - 'SearchMyFiles' by Nirsoft.

kto 2009-10-09 20:27

Download location returns 404

anonymous 2009-11-05 21:19

Dead link.

pmo 2010-01-15 01:35

@kiest: I have found another portable freeware tool supporting unicode.. The file list creator. I think you can also add folders and there are lots of other features making work easier -

Dawie Fourie 2010-01-29 11:10

The software is out of this world, very easy to use, saved me hours of work!!

CWeinhofer 2010-11-08 14:58

May work well for 9X and XP, but crashes on Win 7.

dmg 2010-11-09 01:15

I do not have access to Win7 to test this but you might try deleting LS.exe.manifest located in the program folder. Its only purpose is to change the GUI to match the XP Luna theme. I found that deleting it greatly improved stability on XP. If you try it please post back with results.

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