What tools do you use to test Portability?

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Re: What tools do you use to test Portability?

#46 Post by webfork » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:32 pm

One very interesting speed update to my process mentioned above: I just found out that not only does Revo Uninstaller Pro have a system watch component to observe system activity, it is by far the fastest way to check portability because it works live. Unlike every other testing tool in my arsenal, there's no before and after system snapshot comparison. This means you no longer need an SSD hard drive and it works great under the Windows Sandbox.


System analysis mode

Resulting logs view

For those of you concerned I'm taking advantage of what is essentially a forever trial, the whole point of programs like this is system maintenance. You're not maintaining something that always starts over from scratch. The main uninstall program as well as file wipe, temporary file cleaner, and other tools aren't something you'd ever need in a sandbox, since essentially all those things happen every time you run it.

Still, if this takes over my existing testing easier and faster, I'll definitely buy a license to say thanks.

Thanks to Bitcoin for pointing out their promotion.

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