PC Decrapifier - get pre-installed junk off your machine

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PC Decrapifier - get pre-installed junk off your machine

#1 Post by webfork » Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:59 pm

What's different?

Most recent updates for the "latest Toshiba Laptops. Some of the newly detected apps are: Norton 360, Microsoft Office 2007 Trial and Activation Assistant, Quickbooks Financial Center, Napster, Memeo AutoBackup and Picasa 2. There were some additional bug fixes for WildTangent Games and Symantec LiveUpdate."

OURS: 1.8.8 (from January of this year)

THEIRS: 1.9.1 (April)

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Re: PC Decrapifier 1.9.1 (especially for Toshiba laptops)

#2 Post by Midas » Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:48 am

Old topic update: for lack of better option, the present is now the official forum topic for PC Decrapifier (http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=995).
  • [url]http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/[/url] author wrote:The PC Decrapifier is here to help! It's a free tool for you to use that helps remove programs, unnecessary startup items and icons that can slow down your PC. It takes you step by step, giving you recommendations on what to remove, many of which can be removed unattended.
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Ghacks reiterates there's isn't a changelog: http://www.ghacks.net/2015/01/01/pc-dec ... r-windows/.

@webfork: could you please remove version info from OP subject and possibly merge with http://www.portablefreeware.com/forums/ ... php?t=4359? Thanks. :)

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