System Scheduler Free Version

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System Scheduler Free Version

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System Scheduler Free Version
Current Version:3.82 Last Updated:June 22nd 2008

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Re: System Scheduler Free Version

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Portability note

I modified the Preferences.ini file to remove all static directory information (e.g. for e:\Portable\System Scheduler\alarmclock.ico I changed it to just alarmclock.ini). Seemed to function just fine.

Other functionality

This has is a very impressive macro program underneath a scheduling service. I think I might be able to use this to speed up quite a few of my more tedious daily operations. Additionally, the Window Watcher function will let these macros happen immediately following some other system event. So you get an Outlook message informing you of email, you can immediately (for example) close the Window and instead run a program that goes around Outlook.

You can even program in Mouse Clicks. The "ShowXY.exe" program is useful for getting keypresses listed in the sequence.

One real negative: the help file covers both the pro and lite versions of the software and doesn't seem to clearly label both. Still, might be worth the trouble.

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Re: System Scheduler Free Version

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Topic update: for lack of a better option, the present one is now Splinterware's System Scheduler Free ( official forum topic.
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