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ImgBurn - lightweight CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray burning

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only FEW updates! 8) Released: Tuesday 13th February 2007

Added: 'Read' mode for basic (sector by sector) creation of images direct from a cd/dvd.
Added: Unicode support to everywhere that needs it!
Added: An 'AUTO' write speed where you can now have custom write speeds for individual media types/dyes on a drive by drive basis. You can also use things like 'CD-R', 'DVD-R', 'DVD+R' etc.
Added: Ability to preview Cells in the Build mode's 'Create layer break position' dialog box (or doing it via Tools -> ISO -> Display IFO Layer Break Position). This uses PgcEdit's little PgcEditPreview.exe file.
Added: Option of Standard/DOS/ASCII characters set for ISO9660 file systems. (previously only Standard/ASCII was supported)
Added: Ability to build ISO9660 file systems where files can have no extension at all (not even a '.' (dot)).
Added: Options to disable warnings when checking 'seamless' or 'don't update ifo/bup files' boxes in the layer break dialog windows.
Added: Options to automatically check the 'seamless' and 'don't update ifo/bup files' boxes in the layer break dialog windows.
Added: Support for reading/parsing UDF v2.50 - as used on HDDVD / Blu-ray discs.
Added: Build mode now has the ability to look for and optimise duplicate files so that only 1 copy of that file actually exists in the ISO/on the disc.
Added: /EJECT CLI command.
Added: 'Auto Change Book Type' option to the settings. This is only used for LG and Samsung drives. When enabled (default), it will make the program send the appropriate command to tell the drive to booktype the disc to DVDROM at the start of every burn - obviously just for Plus format media -i.e. DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL.
Added: Ability to insert a layer break position in the MDS file made by the 'Create DVD MDS File' tool.
Added: Early warning message on DVD Video builds where the files are probably too big for the destination DVD media.
Added: Checks for people loading '*.000' and '*.ISO' files in Write mode when a '*.DVD' one exists.
Added: Ability to burn small images JUST to the first layer on DL media (normally you would split the data between layers).
Added: Warning message if user specified layer break differs from that in the loaded *.MDS/*.DVD file.
Added: Additional check for file splitting suitability when doing a read/build to hdd using the FAT/FAT32 file system.
Added: 'Sector Viewer' button to Read/Verify modes in the 'Source' box.
Added: 'Cancel' option when loading an IBQ file and none of the images are in the right place!
Added: Files created in Read/Build mode are now (optionally - default = on) pre-allocated. This cuts down on fragmentation.
Added: Options to set process priority during Read/Write/Verify.
Added: Support for reading hdd partitions to an image file suitable for use as the boot image when building a bootable disc/iso.
Added: A button on the 'volume label' windows to have it insert the current date/time in YYYYMMDD_HHMM format.
Added: Answer 'Yes' / Answer 'No' options to the 'Don't prompt VIDEO_TS content' option.
Added: An optional timeout to the auto volume label window (default is ON and 30 seconds).
Added: Layer break positions are now displayed in the main GUI if the MDS/DVD file loaded in Write/Verify mode contained one.
Added: Options on the 'Create DVD MDS File' window are now remembered between sessions.
Added: The option of preserving full pathnames within MDS files created by Read/Build modes.
Added: Improved logging options for files that have their names shortened due to file system limitations / restrictions currently in place.
Added: Ability to add device id strings that are really OEM LG / Samsung drives - for use by the 'Auto Change Book Type' feature.
Added: New 'Filter Driver Load Order' feature so you can see which drivers all your I/O is going through - and spot ones that could be messing things up. (Available on Windows 2000 and newer)
Added: When the book type commands fail, the 'reason' (I/O SenseArea interpretation) is now also displayed in the messagebox.
Added: Support for Vista's new 'OnDVDArrival' autoplay stuff - so it now says 'Burn an Image' (using ImgBurn) as an option when you insert a blank DVD. (This had already been implemented for OnCDArrival and I had assumed it would apply to both - it didn't!)
Added: Support for showing supported write speeds on CD.
Added: Support for identifying DVD+RW DL booktype.
Added: 'TOC Information' to the Info panels in all modes.
Added: Detection/Identification of 'HD DVD-ROM' etc type drives to the log when ImgBurn first starts.
Added: Detection of HD DVD-RW read/write capabilities.
Added: Context menu with 'Copy' option on it to the 'Label' field in the 'Previous Image' groupbox on the 'Please insert next disc' window.
Added: Message in 'Build' mode when user tries to write an ISO image - where they should probably be using 'Write' mode.
Added: 'Free Space' to the info page in build mode - used as part of the 'Calculate' function.
Added/Changed: 'Preferred Format Capacity' value to info window for rewritable media. This value is now used during full erase rather than the maximum one.
Added/Changed: A little workaround for a glitch in Vista with windows using a non resizable frame under the Aero theme. Pixel 0, 0 is not the absolute top left of the window - making the window appear off the screen.
Added/Changed: The shutdown options / API's now use the 'FORCE' flag if ImgBurn detects the computer is 'Locked' - this can be disabled in the settings.
Changed: Only the first cell in an angle block is now shown as a potential layer break. Other cells in the block take on the same SPLIP flag as the first.
Changed: Check for updates defaults to 'Weekly' now. (Beta versions still do it every time it's started)
Changed: 'Time' column header in layer break dialog boxes to say 'Start Time'.
Changed: Some of the 'Program Update' code to hopefully reduce the chance of getting a cached response when checking for version updates.
Changed: When looking for firmware updates, only the model is now passed to the search engine rather than make + model.
Changed: On a fresh install, people with over 1GB RAM get a 40MB buffer, not 20MB.
Changed: Process priority for Verify mode now defaults to 'Normal'.
Changed: Some of the little hdd/cdrom pictures to their XP equivalents.
Changed: New images for the column sort arrows shown in the Queue window (Applies to all OS's prior to XP - XP handles arrows by itself). The previous ones were not very clear.
Changed: The icon on the DVDInfoPro buttons so it matches the new one used in the latest version of the program.
Changed: Samsung 'change book type' screen always used to say the current setting was DVDROM. This was 'forced' because the drive doesn't appear to report the current value. ImgBurn now tells it like it is.
Changed: BD-RE Full Erase code now also writes 0's to all the sectors on the disc. Unlike with DVD+RW erase, the drive doesn't do this automatically.
Changed: The exe is now compressed using UPX 2.92 (beta). This new version appears to fix the Windows 98 crashing bug that plagued it previously and UPX doesn't suffer from the XP crashes that PECompact does.
Changed: Update to using NSIS 2.23 for the installation program.
Changed/Fixed: There wasn't anything 'logged' when a file wasn't readable when building an image in 'Build' mode.
Changed/Fixed: Errors caught during the sync cache / disc finalisation stages were not taken into consideration when deciding if the burn succeeded/failed.
Changed/Fixed: Loads of stuff for Blu-ray media / burning. (BIG Thanks to SVP for letting me borrow a drive!)
Changed/Fixed: Some bits for HD DVD media / burning.
Changed/Fixed: Now only single session/track data discs can be processed by Read & Verify modes.
Changed/Fixed: Unless the user specifically overwrites an image in read/build mode, the MDS file will not overwrite an existing one with the same name - it'll rename / create a new one in the 'filename(x).ext' format.
Fixed: IFO parsing code wasn't processing VMGM / VTSM cell info properly (well, ok, at all!) and so they'd show up as non seamless when they shouldn't have in the layer break selection boxes.
Fixed: Build mode's layer break code was a little too good at skipping analysis of files it didn't think would work - as such, some perfectly valid potential layer break positions were missing from the dialog box.
Fixed: Bad/failed copies in a multi-copy queued burn were not being taken into account when decided whether or not to delete an image based on the 'Delete the image when done' setting.
Fixed: The Patin-Couffin I/O interface caused BSOD's on Windows 9x. This is probably due to changes in the driver as 9x used to use different code to NT. ImgBurn now uses the same code for all OS's. Tested with v36.
Fixed: UDF Version was displayed using OS's regional setting for a decimal place rather than being fixed as a '.' (dot).
Fixed: Drag + Drop of folders into the write queue could lead to duplicates if a .DVD and .ISO were present in the same folder and had the same name (well, first part anyway!).
Fixed: Times were wrong in layer break dialog for PGC's using multiple angles.
Fixed: Having 'Auto Calculate' enabled messed up builds initiated via CLI.
Fixed: The 'Verify Against Image File' option in the settings (Write tab) had no effect on the 'Build' Mode virtual image and so a verify always compared the burnt disc to the original data.
Fixed: Just adding VIDEO_TS type files to the source box in Build mode failed to build a DVD Video disc (after you answered 'yes' to say that's what you wanted to do). The operation was aborted instantly.
Fixed: /LOG CLI command didn't work if the program was already auto saving the log somewhere due to normal option in the settings (Events tab).
Fixed: Pasting text into ISO9660 volume label boxes allowed for characters that should have been restricted (it bypassed the normal checks).
Fixed: 'Weekly' and 'Fortnightly' were round the wrong way in the 'check for program update' option drop down box.
Fixed: Couldn't just specify a filename (no path) for the /SETTINGS CLI 'File Name' argument. It would save ok but wouldn't load.
Fixed: LBA offset was wrong in one of the UDF descriptors if the file descriptors for a given directory spanned multiple sectors. (Some OS's didn't then show all the files)
Fixed: Starting the build/write automatically via CLI could mean the autoinsert thread was run after it should have already been terminated. This could cause errors to pop up as the disc continued to burn (so not really damaging anything).
Fixed: Memory leak if you used the 'Create DVD MDS File' tool.
Fixed: Incorrect decoding of I/O errors when using the 'Write (12)' command.
Fixed: A couple of glitches in the GUI on Vista.
Fixed: A problem where the MD5 hash wasn't always calculated/displayed in the log after a burn/verify etc.
Fixed: The open file dialog boxes now have the places bar down the left hand side on Windows Me.
Fixed: 'Chapter' column in layer break dialog boxes was showing a number with a base of 0, instead of with a base of 1 - i.e. it was 1 too low!
Fixed: Layer break positions in the list view were only sorted by LBA and those with the same LBA could appear in the wrong order - LU / PGC / Chapter / Cell wise.
Fixed: Tools -> ISO -> 'Display IFO Layer break position' could start with part of an internal (to the program) string in the 'file' box.
Fixed: Open/Save File dialog boxes were not resizable.
Fixed: The AutoPlay (on insert blank cd/dvd) 'Burn Image / Build + Burn Image' entries were passing the drive letter with the '/SOURCE' CLI parameter rather than the '/DEST' one.
Fixed: Some memory leaks when closing the program down on Vista (with UAC enabled) due to it not being able to write certain registry entries.
Fixed: Lots of error catching code so Borland's internal exceptions are deleted properly and not 'leaked' when the program closes.
Fixed: Some issues to do with the 'DVDRAM / BD-RE FastWrite' option.
Fixed: Old CD-R/RW drives that don't report the current media properly would cause ImgBurn to prompt the user to select which type of media they wanted to erase - when CD-RW was the only one it could ever be.
Fixed: Discovery mode's 'Sectors' box wouldn't accept a large enough number for use on large discs - i.e. HD DVD, Blu-ray.

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Image Burn

#2 Post by Scrounger »

As per the installation instructions should a folder or an imgburn.ini file be created. If a file how large should it be 100mb?

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#3 Post by Andrew Lee »

Just a 0-byte file will do. You can easily do that under Windows Explorer. Right-click on the folder, select "New, Text Document", type "imgburn.ini". Press <Enter>. That's all!

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ImgBurn 2.4

#4 Post by Lupo73 »

New very important update of this software!

This is the very long changelog:


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#5 Post by malikorx69 »

I love ImgBurn, and this update is very nice. So many changes. They made it very simple to burn CDs, create ISO images, etc.

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imgburn 2.4.1

#6 Post by Ennovy »

New version of imgburn :
Added/Changed: When running in 'Portable' mode, certain paths will be saved relative to the exe's folder if they're at the same level or below it. (i.e. 'D:\ImgBurn\Sounds\Success.wav' becomes '.\Sounds\Success.wav').....

Fixed: The default paths (i.e. before any settings have been read) were incorrect when loading the program with the '/PORTABLE' CLI switch......


Have a nice day :wink:

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#7 Post by Baas »

New version available (22-07-2008).

Download @

Change log
  • Added: The program now identifies that you might be building an OS installation disc before scanning the directory structure in a similar way to that used for DVD Video etc. (i.e. if you add a single folder to the source box it will look for an I386 folder within it).
    Added: Code to try and detect HD DVD and BD Video files in the 'Source' box within Build mode in the same way the program currently detects DVD Video files.
    Added: If you hold down 'CTRL' when clicking the 'Image Information' button, the program will do a dummy decode pass on any audio files that make up that image to get an accurate duration rather than using DirectShow's GetDuration() function.
    Added: Current LBA to the log entry when buffer recovery kicks in.
    Added: You can now double click the layer break list entries to preview them.
    Added: Support for 'MPA' as a known file extension for Audio files.
    Added: Code to detect and warn about audio files that decode to digital silence.
    Added: 'Show Information' option to make the ImgBurnPreview program show the information window automatically.
    Added: New 'Drop Zone' for Build and Write modes. You can drag and drop folder/files to the 'stay on top' window without having to bring ImgBurn to the foreground all the time.
    Added: Support for writing unicode names into MDS files and a new 'Create MDS - Save As Ansi File' option to go with it.
    Added: New 'Don't Prompt Delete Files' option (with Yes/No answers) to the Write tab in the settings.
    Added: New 'Show Real Size (1:1)' option for the previewer.
    Added: New 'Don't Use Immediate I/O' option to the I/O tab in the settings.
    Added: New 'Prevent Entering StandBy' option. When enabled, ImgBurn will attempt to stop the machine going into standby whilst it's burning.
    Added: Workaround for Plextor PX-116A3 (FW 1.01) returning a single descriptor in the Formatted TOC.
    Added: Detection of x64 versions of Vista.
    Added: Support for patching the '\isolinux\isolinux.bin' file in Build mode with the correct 'boot information table' data.
    Added: Option to not auto retry when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
    Added: Additional error messages to the code that deals with loading CUE files.
    Added: When the close track/session/disc commands fail, you're now given Abort/Retry/Ignore options in the message box rather than just Retry/Cancel.
    Added: BenQ 'Clean EEPROM (Learnt Media)' option to the Advanced Settings windows.
    Added: Choice of 'None' for the 'Shutdown Action' option in the settings - for people that click 'Shutdown when done' accidently and don't want it to do anything when they do.
    Added: Additional logging when erase disc fails on CD-RW/DVD-RW/HD DVD-RW media.
    Added: Additional error messages and logging to code the deals with analysing audio files.
    Added: Option to automatically ignore failures when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
    Added: Improved detection of DVD/HD DVD/BD Video content when detecting conflicting settings in build mode.
    Added: Automatic creation of the 'CERTIFICATE' folder on Blu-ray Video disc in the same way the program automatically creates the AUDIO_TS folder on DVD Video discs.
    Added: Support for (a version of) relative paths within MDS files.
    Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature will now store the relative path (assuming images are in a folder below the MDS) in the MDS rather than just the file name.
    Added: The disc information text on the right of the main window now contains the 'Physical Format' information for each layer on double layer media.
    Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature now has the ability to specify the Track Path for a double layer image (PTP or OTP).
    Added: Regardless of the number of (silent) retries performed when attempting to lock the drive for exclusive access (it normally does 10), if it's been trying for more than 30 seconds the program will error out just as soon as it regains control.
    Added: Media profiles for DVD-5 and DVD-9 to Build mode (useful for mastering).
    Added: Detection of BD Video content based on the BDAV folder (rather than just BDMV)
    Added/Changed: When setting the media type for the directshow conversion, the program now falls back to using WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE if WAVE_FORMAT_PCM fails. This means filters that don't support WAVE_FORMAT_PCM should now work.
    Changed: The 2 leftmost buttons (ignore and preview) on the select/create layer break windows now dynamically resize/reposition themselves base on their caption. (This is better for translated text)
    Changed: When setting write parameters, the 'Write Type' no longer uses fall backs - this was very messy and caused its own set of problems.
    Changed: Workaround for when DS filters (or the libs they use) don't like SetPosition(0) when they're already at the start - issuing it can lead to missed audio samples.
    Changed: The 'Temporary' booktype option no longer falls back to displaying the 'Permanent' setting if it's not supported.
    Changed: Removed one set of calls to the 'Init DirectShow' function that would happen just before a dummy decode pass was run on the audio files - so it's a bit quicker now.
    Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview to v1.1.6.0.
    Changed: Verify won't go ahead if the drive reports the track contains 0 sectors - otherwise the program would generate dummy data for the entire thing and that's 110% pointless!
    Changed: Max buffer size is now 512MB.
    Changed/Fixed: Made tweaks to ACM MP3 file parsing code to make it more reliable when searching for the frame header and to prevent a potential divide by zero error.
    Changed/Fixed: Image/Media Information window is closed if the program fails to initialise the image.
    Changed/Fixed: When building an OS installation disc, the DOS character set is now used and not ASCII.
    Changed/Fixed: Improved support for writing Mode 2 tracks in TAO mode.
    Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround drives reporting first track in a session starting before the actual session.
    Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround decoded files that fall short of their estimated durations and cause any trailing/appended pregaps ('INDEX 0' markers in a CUE file) to mess up the internal image layout - which then leads to an error when sending the cue sheet to the drive at burn time.
    Changed/Fixed: When Previewing a Cell for the LB, the audio stream is no longer forced to 0x80, the program takes the number from the IFO.
    Changed/Fixed: The 'Create DVD MDS File' function always made MDS files with the Track Path set to PTP.
    Fixed: Removed the very well camouflaged button in the booktype window.
    Fixed: Drive related buttons being enabled when no devices are present if you perform certain operations.
    Fixed: What I believe to be a bug when trying to determine if a single source folder was anything to do with a BD video disc.
    Fixed: The total count of file/folder names modified due to current settings wasn't 100% accurate due to the file name comparison not being case sensitive.
    Fixed: Bug converting sector mode/form/size to an internal data type.
    Fixed: Some odd issue when decoding certain letters (character codes) within CD-TEXT data on a disc or in a *.cdt file. (It would display a square box for the letter)
    Fixed: WavPack files were not being decoded during burning, they were being read as if they were PCM/RAW audio files.
    Fixed: Incorrect 'Last Physical Sector of Data Track' value within MDS files for OTP discs.
    Fixed: Aborting on an error during the audio file analysis stage didn't actually abort anything and having aborted, the error condition meant that future analysis wasn't carried out.
    Fixed: Potential problem where ImgBurn might check for updates more often than it should do because the 'last update check' value isn't parsed correctly due to regional settings.
    Fixed: The 'Write Queue' window wasn't being close when going between 'Write -> Read' or 'Write -> Ez-Mode Picker' modes.
    Fixed: When converting the volume label from one file system to another (or applying a CLI specified one), the resulting name could turn out to be shorter in length than actually permitted.
    Fixed: Problem where 'DecodedSize == 0' error could appear when DirectShow decoding failed and ACM worked.
    Fixed: Building a DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Video disc didn't work properly if the files were in the root folder of a drive and the root folder was added to the 'Source' list.
    Fixed: Odd looking configuration message if a root folder was added to the 'Source' list in Build mode and the folder contained DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray files.
    Fixed: WMA Tag parsing wasn't working - messed up text strings due to reading them with the wrong byte order.
    Fixed: Incorrect values in 2nd layer descriptor within MDS for OTP discs.
    Fixed: ImgBurn not respecting 'Top' and 'Left' coordinates of the desktop (i.e. the area excluding the taskbar)
    Fixed: One rogue structure used when parsing the UDF file system was limiting the file size to 32 bits (DWORD), meaning any file over 4GB would have been displayed incorrectly size wise. (Only caused a problem when mapping sectors with errors to file names in Read/Verify mode)
    Fixed: Memory leak if dummy audio decoding pass fails.
    Fixed: Adding the content (files/folders) of a normal BDMV folder to the source box in Build mode didn't create the proper BD structure.

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ImgBurn v2.4.3.0

#8 Post by I am Baas »

New Version available. Change log here

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#9 Post by Napiophelios »

Damn its updated again to v2.4.4.0 :shock:

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Re: imgburn 2.4.1

#10 Post by I am Baas »

ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released 26th July 2009:

Change log

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Re: imgburn 2.4.1

#11 Post by joby_toss » Released: Thursday 29th March 2012
  • Added: Additional info (service name and driver version for hard disk controllers) to the 'Family Tree' text.
    Added: 'Supported Read Speeds' to the disc info text in Read/Verify modes.
    Added: New log entry (when burning DVD-RAM/HD DVD-RAM/BD-RE) showing the current state of the 'Hardware Defect Management' feature on the drive. When active, the drive would 'normally' take longer to burn a disc due to the automatic 'verify after write' process.
    Added: Option to use the system default language. When an exact match cannot be found (i.e. the correct translation file is missing from the Languages folder), the program will attempt a partial match.
    Added: Ability to perform LiteOn's SmartErase functions.
    Added: Show 'MID' in the 'Disc Information' section of the text on the right - easier to find and always available under the same heading.
    Added: Ability to translate the image/disc size values on the recently added 'Overburn / Truncate' prompt.
    Added/Changed: When reading Q sub-channel data fails, the program will attempt to read RAW sub-channel data (and deinterleave it to get Q) instead.
    Added/Changed: Option to include 'Burn using ImgBurn' file association entries in whatever's the default progid of a given file extension - previously, this was done by default.
    Changed: When renaming an item in the Disc pane of the DLE window (on Vista+), the program will now exclude the file extension from the initially selected text.
    Changed: Renaming items in the Explorer pane of the DLE window is now also possible via the 'normal' method of a single mouse click on a selected item (rather than just pressing F2).
    Changed: Default size of I/O Buffer. (Less than 1GB RAM = 20MB, Less than 2GB RAM = 40MB, Everything else = 80MB)
    Changed: When the drive fails to read a block of sectors in Read/Verify mode, the program will now log the error it returned before attempting to read them one by one (so the original error message doesn't go unreported).
    Changed: Reverted to using original/basic messagebox for overburn question when in Build/Discovery modes.
    Changed: Split the DVD/HD DVD/BD Video reading of various files to obtain a volume label into their own options rather than them all using a single one in the DVD Video section.
    Changed: Tweaked some code that generates the volume label suggestion on DVD/HD DVD/BD Video builds.
    Changed/Fixed: When CCD image layout file creation is enabled, PreGap sectors will be converted/added to 'Index 0' sectors and included within the IMG file.
    Changed/Fixed: Workaround for infinite loop issue with some virtual drives caused by incorrect info being returned for the 'READ SUB CHANNEL' command.
    Changed/Fixed: The autoloader 'Auto Abort On Error' option didn't apply to Read mode.
    Changed/Fixed: Workaround for buggy (LG) drives that return 'Invalid Field in CDB' rather than 'Invalid Field in Parameter List' in response to a certain command.
    Fixed: Default Overburning Method always reverts to 'Overburn'.
    Fixed: Creating MDS files when it shouldn't have been.
    Fixed: Changing the number of copies required for an image (on the Write Queue window) that was currently being burnt didn't update the value displayed in the progress window.
    Fixed: Bug parsing the metadata in WAV files.
    Fixed: Clicking the email link in the about box (and 'ok' on the prompt) didn't fire up default email client as it should have done (it did nothing).
    Fixed: Problem with long initial file names causing an 'error 0x3002' prompt to be displayed and preventing open/save dialog boxes from opening under XP (and probably older OS's).
    Fixed: Potential false positive in code that detects BCD within the RAW TOC returned from a CD.
    Fixed: When reading from an 'Advanced Format' drive with 4k (physical AND logical) sectors, the program could pop up an error (invalid parameter?) at the end of a burn/verify operation. Clicking 'Retry' would allow it to complete successfully though.
    Fixed: Read/Verify modes weren't exporting graph data to the file name specified via CLI.
    Fixed: The last digit in a CD's MCN was wrong.
    Fixed: Potential crash when displaying the 'Overburn' dialog from within Build mode.
    Fixed: Potential crash when the 'Optimise Duplicate Files' option is enabled.

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