WeatherMate 3.3

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WeatherMate 3.3

#1 Post by ashghost » Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:40 am

The website and download link remain the same, only the version number needs to be updated in the database.

Here are the release notes since version 3.1.1:

Version 3.3, released 21 Mar 2008

* Bug fix:
1. Changes at The Weather Channel prevented WeatherMate from sometimes displaying current conditions.

* Enhancement:
1. Added option to always display temperature of first (instead of selected) location in system tray icon.

Version 3.2, released 9 Feb 2008

* Bug fix:
1. WeatherMate would sometimes hang if a location's radar image was not available. WeatherMate now displays an appropriate informational graphic in place of the missing image.

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