Minuimus (file compressor & optimizer)

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Minuimus (file compressor & optimizer)

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Although I have no idea about how it compares with similar utilities already in TPFC database, Minuimus looked interesting enough (cf. that last quote block) to warrant a quick(!) post...
Minuimus is a file optimiser utility script: You point it at a file, and it makes the file smaller without compromising the file contents. [...] Minuimus itself does not carry out all of this optimisation alone. It is dependent upon many other utilities for this, as well as some more specialised methods developed especially for it. Minuimus is a script which automates the process of calling upon all of these utilities, including the process of recursively processing container files and ensuring proper reassembly, detecting and handling the various errors that may occur, and of running some level of integrity checking upon the optimised files to prevent damage. Minuimus' optimisations are, by default, completely transparent: Not a single pixel of an image will be changed in value, no audio or video will fall in quality. Even metadata is preserved unaltered. It also supports a number of forms of lossy optimisation, which must be explicitly enabled by command line option.
Minuimus consists of a PERL script and three supporting (optional) binaries which are used for the processing of PDF, WOFF and SWF files. These are written for use on Ubuntu Linux, but should be adaptable to other Linux distributions with little if any alteration. Minuimus will also work on Windows using Strawberry Perl, but has not been subjected to as much testing. These utilities are released under the GPL v3 license, as is Minuimus itsself.
Supported file types -- Transparent optimisation:
  • Images: JPEG TIFF PNG GIF, including animated PNG and GIF
  • Archives: ZIP 7Z GZ TGZ CAB
A collection of PDF files sampled from the-eye.eu was reduced in size to 90% of the input, while a half-terabyte sample taken from the archive.org 'computermagazine' collection was reduced with greater success to 78% of the input size. A collection of epub files from Project Gutenberg was reduced to a mere 95%, as these files are light on images, and ZIP files with no files inside which can be recursively optimised are reduced only very slightly, typically to around 97%.

Note: To run Minuimus, both Strawberry PERL Portable edition (currently v5.38.2.2 released 2023-12-11... weighing a whopping 251MB :)) and 'minuimus-windows-dependencies.zip' are needed.

Strawberry creates a local CLI shell -- while I haven't tested this thoroughly, I suggest adding both 'minuimus' and the windows dependencies as subfolders to it and then editing its 'portableshell.bat' launcher file to add them to the '%PATH%' setting line at the top...

Minuimus latest release (per official page and changelog included in the download) is currently v4.1.

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