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Photo Resizer Expert (4dots)

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 7:51 pm
by webfork
We have a LOT of photo resizing tools here on the site but this one has a lot of features and is actively developed. ... pert.shtml

License: Free for personal use, 15 days trialware for commercial

Status: Untested, but 4dots software has been tested before and was portable, so there's a good chance this one will be as well.


Re: Photo Resizer Expert (4dots)

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:04 pm
by hamasaki
I think a lot of their software isn't portable, so 50/50 at best. They do have some great utilities.

Re: Photo Resizer Expert (4dots)

Posted: Fri May 17, 2024 10:23 am
by webfork
TLDR: 4dots has started including junkware along with their free downloads and aren't especially up front about it.


So I came across a program from the 4dots group that included a note on Softpedia ... cker.shtml about a "spare computer cycles" program. Note that I don't know if this issue specifically affects Photo Resizer Expert but the addition hits at least *some* of the 4dots software. I'm just posting this to probably my favorite program from that group.

The program is called "Luminati" aka "BrightData" (name changes of course are always a bad sign), which is an Israeli software company that does web indexing. This is a problem if you have data limits or are running off battery power on your device, or just don't want your software to come with all kinds of caveats. It's not nearly as bad as the cryptocurrency mining software, but it's still not great.

The software indicates you can turn it off but it's another in a long list of examples that make me want to block internet access to anything that doesn't specifically need access ala web browser or file transfers.

Frustratingly, the File Unlocker home page says nothing about this extra software. It's only in their terms and conditions page: