Other TPFC-adjacent projects

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Other TPFC-adjacent projects

#1 Post by webfork » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:07 pm

Over the years I've come across a dozen or so projects that I could have easily cloned myself to work on as a side project full time. I've had this list for a few years now and it's becoming clear that I'll never get to some of these. Fortunately, some actually got started or made some progress thanks to the work of other members of the community.

The idea came from a site many years ago called ShouldExist that tried to basically will good ideas into existence. Maybe by writing these out here someone will be inspired to pick up one of these ideas.

  • Portable local web services - leverage portable programs like XAMPP and use a web browser interface, e.g. DocuWiki for a whole array of co-existing (or separate) local tools (I first talked about this here.)
  • Old OS compatibility / emulation for Windows 3.1, WinCE, PalmOS, and maybe others. Note that I've seen a few efforts with Windows 3.1 but very little on the WinCE or PalmOS front.
  • Portable Android - there are loads of Windows Android emulators but would like to work with developers to produce one that is fully self-contained and runs off a thumb drive.
  • Developer resources - I have a long list of ideas here but one notable addition is suggestions / instructions on software distribution. After all, you spent all your time writing a program, why mess around with details around compression and sharing? My plan was to focus on quickly and reliably generating the smallest possible ZIP, 7ZIP, and self-extracting files possible in batch using command-line tools. Adjacent ideas include posting to an FTP, hosting service, or BitTorrent service for larger distributions.
  • Site Torrent - basically gather every program on the site or something close to it and post them all in a massive Torrent file. This would function as a mirror/backup and help stem the tide of older software disappearing without available mirrors.
Active or semi-active projects
  • Testing resources project - it's very far from comprehensive, but the thread has collected a lot of resources for testing software.

As usual, feedback on the above or feel free to add your own ideas for projects you wish you had time for.

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Re: Other TPFC-adjacent projects

#2 Post by Midas » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:30 am

A portable Android emulator would get my close attention, for sure. I've seen a few steps taken in that direction, rapidly nuked by the developers themselves (fearing loss of revenue?)...

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