Zettlr - electron-based editor

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Zettlr - electron-based editor

#1 Post by webfork » Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:56 pm

First mentioned by Midas in a discussion about CommonMark ...

Zettlr is an open "markdown editor for personal knowledge management and publishing".

I dug into this because I've been experimenting with Pandoc quite a bit, which Midas pointed out in his original mention. At the moment it looks to just enable export to things like Word and OpenDocument, but both of those programs should work fine with the HTML the program outputs natively.

Anyway, there's a lot here and it's the sort of thing that could really break into an area I don't think Microsoft will ever come close to.


Steps: Open with 7zip and open the the sub-folder \$PLUGINSDIR\app-32.7z or app-64.7z ... extract to any folder and launch Zettlr.exe.

Status: Not portable -- writes to \AppData\Roaming\zettlr ... While enabling portability may yet be possible, I haven't run a thorough test and am throwing this into the "not portable" sub-forum because of a discussion on their forums:
> Probably you might think about offering a portable Version in the future too...

As I said, yes, but it doesn't have a high priority. My resources are limited, and currently I have to wrench out a lot of small stuff happening on the backend! Furthermore, I can't go to any different specs, but I'll use the Electron-builder portable setting to do so, which'll work either way. I'm never impressed by this and that many downloads (let's be honest, even my bragging with xyz downloads is more for show), and I suspect just offering a portable app would increase developers' interest :wink:. I think it's more aimed at non-tech-customers (but nevertheless an option).
Other Details

Resource usage it's Electron so ...
  • Download: 127 megs (it includes 32 and 64-bit copies along with FFMPEG)
    Extracted: (just the 64-bit version) 270 MB
    RAM: 185 megs across 5 processes
Phone home? Yes
Requires admin No Run as limited user? Yes, launch with (runas /trustlevel:0x20000 "zettlr.exe")



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Re: Zettlr - electron-based editor

#2 Post by Midas » Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:46 am

Incidentally, as mentioned in the Ghack.net article comments, Typora (https://typora.io/; first mentioned by shnbwmn at viewtopic.php?p=81297#p81297) is yet another Electron-based Markdown editor I have seen getting consistent praise. Mind you, devs say upfront it'll only be free while in Beta, so there's that, too.

FYI, Typora's release announcements and documentation are at http://support.typora.io/.

Typora is probably the best Electron app I've ever seen, but I ultimately switched to the MarkdownLivePreview package for Sublime Text. I definitely prefer having a more native app over Electron.

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