Ant Download Manager

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Ant Download Manager

#1 Post by webfork » Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:03 am

Download managers have been discussed a lot more than other types of programs in the last few months so I thought I'd point to another one: Ant Download Manager. Not related to the dev behind Ant Renamer or Ant Movie Catalog.

There's a free version but I couldn't decipher what the advantages of pro were. I think they started work on a table for that and didn't finish it:

Firefox add on: ... src=search

Claims portability but I haven't been able to test yet.

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Re: Ant Download Manager

#2 Post by bitcoin » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:19 pm


Portable version is not available, but portability is maintained and it is very easy to do. Install once AntDM, copy the installation folder on the flash drive. After starting on a new computer AntDM itself must make own settings and install add-ons for the browser.
similar in this way to Free Download Manager

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