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#1 Post by smaragdus » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:29 pm

I use mouse and keyboard task automation software very rarely (I remember to have used TinyTask several times) so I am far from being an expert in the area. Some time ago I came upon a new program- Niatask, which I found promising so I decided to share my discovery with the community.

Create a Project that holds multiple Input Scripts. Use the app to Record Mouse and Keyboard activity in real-time which then generates a script file then adds it to a Project.

You can then assign specific Hotkeys for each script which will Play the needed script.
This works with many games and works a lot like software included with gaming and MMO mice
and keyboards. Though instead of using the advanced hardware buttons you can use any keyboard
input to fire a script.

Using the application's interface, you're able to edit a Script's Loop count, Name, and Hotkey
(Or edit file itself which is very basic) Projects have settings
values along with the applications Global Settings.

You can export (save as) specific scripts and import them to the project also.
Scripts are lines of text the application translates into automation.
  • Record keystrokes;
  • Record mouse activity;
  • Record countdown;
  • Suspendable hot keys;
  • Minimize on script play;
  • Minimize on script record;
  • Auto-save project;
  • Convert to AutoIt code;
  • Themes (default and dark);
Links Downloads
Direct download links for Niatask version 1.050 (released on 2018-06-29): Images

Niatask version 1.050 - program window (static image):


Niatask version 1.050 - program tabs (animated image):


Niatask version 1.050 - menu bar (animated image):


Niatask version 1.050 - recorded scripts (static image):


Niatask version 1.050 - about (static image):


Niatask (as of version 1.050) is portable by design- settings are saved in XML file (settings.xml) inside program folder.

  • Download the archive;
  • Extract the archive to a folder of your choice;
  • Run the executable (Niatask.exe);
Niatask should run on Windows XP or higher.

Niatask is closed-source, unrestricted freeware, the license type is not specified.

The developer can be contacted via mail, he also accept donations.
Niatask is small- 4.55 MB uncompressed.
Niatask is relatively slim on system resources- on my system (Windows 8 x64) it uses about 32 MB of RAM.
Niatask crashed on a couple of occasions while I was testing it.

Several alternatives with roughly similar functionality:

File details for Niatask version 1.050 (released on 2018-06-29):


Niatask - Archive:

File Size: 1536027 Byte(s) (1.46 MB)
Modified Date: 2018-06-30 06:32
MD5: ed3ce22f6d663f3ea7a9fe32e6abf2c3
SHA1: 11d4825c8cedf7dd64675cc6d613db2b818ca3f6
SHA256: 34944917269f8fa1fd1febb114a6896721bd692ab1849da1cbcbbfb90a3f3b14
SHA384: c0d4ad9349178d74782cd627635a6e8696075d3d7a160a45981a3ed690733c01954eefc521d6619eabf315958d83c806
SHA512: 2fc6ab67ec4d501ec3bc289af8f3aa647dff7cf8a6a1a2ed4bde60ef9d974cbcccdcd0a6c85d80f5fd4cf424399344d1f7a86f0a1b17f8fe4066bb16a2414d39
RIPEMD160: ae32ab2afd2cb0e1e6a4ed21ef97f2365c47bb43


Niatask - Installer:

Name: Niatask-1.05-setup.exe
File Size: 1320103 Byte(s) (1.26 MB)
Modified Date: 2018-06-30 06:33
MD5: 881070dc7be6282fa84e7db3d2706d5c
SHA1: 8d80f05d336a1350992321d4991b80a8934fe9c4
SHA256: 9f1a6f5d0f20dd66c38d7c13f540f27e88683c246a29d62523791e720890b810
SHA384: 55d9c4285afe3a0d793a6fff8db5a5a77ff27395beecfb3718554eb166256ad676d84f66eb109baf8f42946413de0437
SHA512: bab1d57d1b943b6b8c795c9a8a4929911a45cfb26a2d2162675d6c20d28b263b3a7299f9d18e41cb4086ac087764287d7574cea1caaad9910448cf669e9f1f05
RIPEMD160: e94e5f8f97e9b8c8e1301110cf6ed20267d54a56


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Re: Niatask

#2 Post by FileHandler » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:59 am

Interesting program. Recording keystrokes is much easier this way than doing it manually via AutoHotkey or other half-automated tools.

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Re: Niatask

#3 Post by webfork » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:25 pm

Yet another amazingly thorough review.

I've been struggling to automate some basic, repetitive desktop operations so I'll definitely be testing this out.

I was a little frustrated in initial testing that that it doesn't seem to function on multiple monitors (I almost always have multiple monitors setup), but the mouse control/movement was much better and more accurate than other tools I've tested. I'll keep working with it.

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