Eudora open-source(d)

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Eudora open-source(d)

#1 Post by Midas » Fri May 25, 2018 7:27 am

The Computer History Museum managed to grab and freely release the source code of once-upon-a-time email standard client (e.g., at my uni), so that deserves a post for sure.

What I ain't so sure of is it will have any future impact in view of the general disenfranchisement of legacy Internet services (remember Usenet, anyone?) in a steady move to commodification and walled gardens. :|
Source Code available from ... urce-code/.

More story details:

Funnily enough, for such a universal functionality of the Internet, there is not an overly large pool of similar FLOSS software. You can check these other previously open sourced email programs for Windows:
Or see for yourself in this Wikipedia comparative list: ... il_clients

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