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#1 Post by Midas »

tproli has just pointed out (https://www.portablefreeware.com/index. ... mment29860) that T-Clock development has been taken over and resumed -- check https://github.com/White-Tiger/T-Clock/releases...

As T-Clock hasn't got an official forum topic, I'm making it the present one to move discussion to the forums.

I suggest updating T-Clock's entry to point to the new Beta version. Anyone against?

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Re: T-Clock

#2 Post by tproli »

Somebody's watching me :)

I wanted to display the weekday next to the system clock but it's not possible if you also need small taskbar icons, that's how I found it. I haven't checked for portability though.

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Re: T-Clock

#3 Post by @thehop »

THANKS for resuming! =)

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Re: T-Clock

#4 Post by webfork »

Midas wrote:... to point to the new Beta version. Anyone against?
No problem for me

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