tSIP - SIP softphone

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tSIP - SIP softphone

#1 Post by tomeko » Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:47 am

Simple SIP softphone based on re/rem/baresip stack (see http://creytiv.com/baresip.html). Features:
  • programmable keypad (similar to many bench phones: Speed dial/BLF/DTMF/Redial/Blind transfer/Hold/Mute/...; customizable button height, top/bottom margins, caption, icon)
  • BLF with state-based number dialed on click, MWI
  • console-only mode (intended to work as additional BLF console for desk phone)
  • call recording
  • click-to-call / "callto" web browser integration
  • plugin interface for external software/hardware integration (currently supporting EX-03/EX-02/EX-B USB phones)
  • customizable local and global hotkeys allowing e.g. calling to number copied to clipboard, answer/hangup call without restoring application from tray
  • separate audio device selection for input, output, ringing and paging/intercom
  • Bellcore-dr1...dr8 ring selection
  • auto-answer after time and/or with respect to Call-info answer-after parameter
  • BSD-like license; brandable

Entry: https://www.portablefreeware.com/index.php?id=2707

Download and changelog page (see bottom of the page for latest version): https://tomeko.net/software/SIPclient/

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Re: tSIP - SIP softphone

#2 Post by tomeko » Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:20 pm

Notable changes till version 0.1.76:
  • code is available also on github: https://github.com/tomek-o/tSIP
  • Lua scripting - dozen events that can trigger scripts, few dozen custom functions, global variables and queues for connecting multiple scripts and plugins together; few dozen script examples, including "Lenny" and scanning LAN with OPTIONS
  • added companion application for record files browsing - RecordViewer.exe
  • added SIP presence subscription
  • remote identity and call direction display for BLF (dialog-info) buttons (displaying who is calling who if PABX passes this information)
  • calls can be recorded in stereo (call parties in separate channels)
  • wave files can be used as audio source (instead of microphone); audio sources can be switched during the call (IVR-like applications)
  • added RTP streaming (multicast/unicast paging) function
  • new codecs: G.722, G.729 (as separate DLL), L16, Opus
  • network adapter selection
  • few new plugins, including text-to-speech, physical GPIO using FT232RL module
  • more command-line commands, including option to pass Lua script this way
  • added software volume control
  • kiosk mode
  • configuration patching mechanism, useful e.g. for provisioning purposes
  • sending/receiving text messages (SIMPLE)
  • translation mechanism (limited mostly to main window) and few translations (JSON/i18n)

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