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#1 Post by Midas » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:00 am

Mostly DotNET (version requirement added in brackets), portability untested! DKVolume-Touch (see screenshot below) seems rather useful for touch screens, though... wrote:DKVolume-Touch - Provides a quick and easy access to the computer's volume control. [v4]

DKStartButton - Brings the Start button to Windows 8 to regain basic functionality of the Windows Start Buttons. [v4]
DKBottomline - RSS Reader, scrolls RSS Headlines along the bottom of your computer's screen. [v2]

DK:Keyboard-Status - Caps Lock, Insert and Num Lock keys status of the keyboard (on/off). [v2]

DKHardDrive-Light - Desktop (on screen) hard drive light. See what the hard drive is doing. [v2]

DKMailChecker - Outlook email notification. [v1]

DKMenubar - Customizable menu bar to organize your desktop. [v2]

DKNoteMinder - Stay-On-Top Note Taker. [v1]

DKOSD - Caps Lock status, On Screen Display. [v2]

DKPrint Screen - Sends a screen shot to a file or your printer. [v2]

DKRuler - DeskTop Ruler, helpful when working with many rows and columns.

DKStockTicker - Displays user selected stock prices. [v2]

DKVolume Control - Adjust or mute the computer's sound volume with shortcut keys. [v2]

Download page at

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Re: softwares (mostly DotNET)

#2 Post by webfork » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:48 am

Old thread update: these programs are no longer listed on the home page but I think I found a listing over at brothersoft and FWF: (only has a few but with some nice thumbnails)

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