MyTunes Covers - manage music files covers - ALPHA release

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MyTunes Covers - manage music files covers - ALPHA release

#1 Post by JnLlnd » Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:26 pm

Hello Portable freeware experts,

I'm a Windows freeware developper. My latests portable apps are posted here: FoldersPopup and CSV Buddy.

My most recent app is "My Tunes Covers", a utility to manage music files covers (artwork). In its first ALPHA version (newly released today), the portable app only support iTunes libraries (and requires iTunes to work). But, in its final version, it will also support MP3 collections of files as well.

I do not expect to find lots of iTunes lovers here ;-) but if some of you would like to take an early look at this new piece of software (provided you have iTunes Windows installed), your well experimented comments and suggestions (and bug reports, probably) would be highly appreciated.

It is here:

I'll add it to the database when it will be ready for public release.



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