GhostZilla Coded Launcher

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GhostZilla Coded Launcher

#1 Post by lococobra » Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:00 pm

I got fed up with the constant start/stop screen that Ghostzilla gives you, so I wrote the following code which can be compiled using AutoIt that allows you to automatically load and save a profile.

The download is Here

Here's how to use it...
• Extract "GZ Auto Launch.au3" and "icon.ico" (optional) from the archive to a destination of your choosing
• Edit the file "GZ Auto Launch.au3" and modify the options at the top to fit your setup
• Compile "GZ Auto Launch.au3" using "Aut2exe" (located in AutoIt\Aut2Exe) you may use the icon I made for it, I think it's cooler than the ghostzilla one :P
• Run the compiled program from the main Ghostzilla directory

It should open the launcher in a hidden window and load your profile and password, then launch Ghostzilla. When Ghostzilla closes, it will save the profile back over the old one.

NOTE: Make sure you are using a profile you already created! Otherwise Ghostzilla will tell you that you're trying to load an invalid file!

Hope someone finds this useful :)

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