Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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#1 Post by Midas »

I'm creating this new topic for DreamMail, not because this promising email client is unbeknownst at TPFC, but for it to have an official forum topic for easy gathering of config tips and other general info now spread hither and tither... so, here goes:


TPFC entry: http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=863

European Community Page: http://www.dreammail.eu/
[Download current portable v4.6.9.2: http://www.dreammail.eu/intl/en/download.html]

Polish Community Page: http://www.programy.pocztowe.info/dreammail.php

Official Chinese Webpage: http://www.dreammail.org/

DreamMail is a Softpedia pick (with review): http://dreammail.softpedia.com/

DreamMail @ WinPenPack: http://www.winpenpack.com/en/download.php?view.495

Relevant TPFC tips, comments & forum topics:

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Re: DreamMail resources

#2 Post by Midas »

Re: Some Options appear as ????????? (Translation missing?) / Post by robertcollier4 » Sat May 25, 2013 7:19 pm

The Resource.en file that comes with DreamMail4692_Green.rar (downloaded from http://www.dreammail.eu/intl/en/download.html) is incomplete and is missing many entries.

I fixed the problem of the missing entries in above screenshots by switching to another langauge, deleting Resource.en and then changing back to English. Then DreamMail prompted me that it could not find Resource.en and if I wanted to re-download. I said yes - DreamMail then redownloads the proper version of Resource.en that does not have the omissions shown in the screenshots above.

The Resource.en file included in DreamMail4692_Green.rar available for download on this site needs to be updated and fixed.
Not portable - reg keys written for KSEdit Control / Post by robertcollier4 » Sat May 25, 2013 4:31 pm

The following registry keys were created by DreamMail. While this is minor - this makes DreamMail technically not 100% "portable" as by portable software standards.

If absolutely needed to interface with the IE HTML Viewer Edit Controls - it would be nice if DreamMail would create the registry entries at startup and then remove them at application exit - which is what PortableApps.com launchers do. An option could be provided for "true portable mode" - meaning there should be 0 registry changes left behind on the system when the application has exited.


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Re: DreamMail Warning

#3 Post by Midas »

I tried to access the European DreamMail webpage today and found this message instead: :roll:
http://www.dreammail.eu/ author wrote:END OF SUPPORT


I have been supporting DreamMail for almost 8 years, but as you may
know, I am not the developer. I created DreamMail Europe Community
website, because I thought DreamMail was one of the best email clients.
So I used to spend some time translating into French and creating this
website and forum.

But now, it's been more than a year I have no reply from Zeng Xiquan,
and I cannot continue supporting this software without him. So I decided
to end this adventure, and move forward. So, I will *NOT* reply to
future emails, and this page will disappear soon.

Also, a vulnerability has been found, and a Proof of Concept is
available here

http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/27805/ (thanks to loneferret)

I receive spams with trying to use this exploit now, so you MUST change
your email software.

There are many email software available (Thunderbird, Opera Mail, ...),
so you can check one of these to get support.

This community website is now over, so do not blame me, but I cannot
continue this.

BUT, I will let the forum available, so you can continue to ask question
and help others. You can access it here:


Thank you and see you on new projects.

Considering that even on the Chinese DreamMail homepage the latest version (v4.6.9.2) was released in 2012-02-20, it looks to me that unless something happens pretty soon, this may well be the end of the line for DreamMail (at least outside of China)...

What a sad state of affairs, yet another highlight in the forever predicted demise of the desktop email client -- which I still refuse to accept, let it be noted. :(

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Re: DreamMail

#4 Post by joby_toss »

And we are the real travelers? Wow! I didn't even know that! Would you be so kind and teach me Russian (without occupying my country like before) so I can enter?
Straight to the point: what's DreamMail got to do with your contest?
I wish you were banned, but still, С новым годом!
Sincerely, Administrator of "my living room".

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Re: DreamMail

#5 Post by Midas »

:( Not the first time I see this type of 'contest' posted here -- had already reported it through the :!: button...

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Re: DreamMail

#6 Post by webfork »

Midas wrote:had already reported it

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Re: DreamMail 5.16.1004.1018

#7 Post by smaragdus »

DreamMail (the web-site is in Chinese) at version 5.16.1004.1018 (Softpedia has also reviewed this update- there are new screen-shots- compare them with those of Portable DreamMail version

Direct Download Link for the installer:

Name: dm5_setup5.16.1004.1018.exe
File Size: 17704210 Byte(s) (16.88 MB)
Modified Date: 2016-04-18 05:28
Version: 5.16.1004.1018
MD5: fdd21002d68f5d1e34041c65f24e080b
SHA1: aa774ceff6e97d74fc897c72a267ed5669085ff7
SHA256: 279c7e965f8da8cbb28ca1680d1fee2c6a3870b8dc5ff86cde0c067c72e355f1
CRC32: c365c3f7
VirusTotal analysis - 0 / 54

Who released the portable package of version 4? The original developer? The European Community? Someone else?

Has anyone tried the latest release? Is there a procedure to make DreamMail version 5 portable?


It turned out that there was a newer version of DreamMail- 5.16.1006.1001:

Direct Download Link for the installer:

Name: dm5_setup5.16.1006.1001.exe
File Size: 17580151 Byte(s) (16.77 MB)
Modified Date: 2016-06-01 09:41
Version: 5.16.1006.1001
MD5: 69e405937823c90d1ad679b4c7f22f5a
SHA1: 772e707f1b3bc57c9541e77d4a7bbec0fea70efa
SHA256: d1ed045ccb923c32c7fb411f294d2c9a693571d0d5c3953cd024a5cbbf1d5b98
CRC32: 56a00686
VirusTotal analysis - 0 / 54

I extracted the installer (version 5.16.1004.1018) and did a brief testing- it seems that DreamMail is portable but not stealth (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\DreamMail5\Log- empty folder).

Some strings are not translated to English. The default interface is Ribbon but one can switch to Classic, this operation needs restart.

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Re: DreamMail

#8 Post by @thehop »

There's a new Version (and Website) out - in chinese (and english ?)

DreamMail 2018-10-12


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Re: DreamMail

#9 Post by Midas »

Topic update: DreamMail is currently v6.6.1.26 -- sadly homepage is now Chinese only with no apparent changelog.

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