Path Length Checker 1.1 (.NET)

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Path Length Checker 1.1 (.NET)

#1 Post by Ascend4nt » Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:03 pm

Project Description
Path Length Checker is a stand-alone app that allows you to specify a root directory, and it gives you back a list of all paths (i.e. files and directories) in that root directory and their lengths. It includes features such as pattern matching and min/max length constraints, as well as the ability to specify a string that should replace the root directory in the results brought back, allowing you to quickly see path lengths if you were to move the files/folders to another location. Includes both GUI and command-line interfaces.
Download Page: ... get/340696
Path Length Checker.png
Path Length Checker GUI
Size: 376 KB uncompressed
Writes Settings to: No settings saved
How to extract: Extract the archive contents to a folder. Run PathLengthCheckerGUI.exe (or PathLengthChecker.exe for the command-line version)
Stealth [?]: Yes
License: Freeware
System Requirements: .NET 4.0*

There's already a few path length checker utilities out there, but I like the way this one displays the results and lets you see what would happen if you move a folder to a new location. It's also pretty fast.

*Note: The version of .NET required looks to be version 4.0, at least from looking at the source code project settings, but I haven't tested it with other versions.

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Re: Path Length Checker 1.1 (.NET)

#2 Post by bitcoin » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:50 am

moved to Github and now at v1.2

GUI is now resizable

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