cdrtfe 1.2.5

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Toxteth O'Grady
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cdrtfe 1.2.5

#1 Post by Toxteth O'Grady »

Yes, this is correct. 1.2.5 is newer than 1.3pre1. :-)

New and improved:
* Data CD, continue multisession CDs:
- Show content of previous sessions in the file/folder view
- Import is possible if the options 'multisession' and 'continue
CD' are selected and the project is empty.
- Warnings that files and folders from previous sessions cannot
be moved or renamed.
- Possibility to 'delete' files or folders from an existing session
- Limitations:
o Empty folders from previous sessions cannot be removed

* keyboard shortcuts:
Alt-O: Add files (Data-, Audio-, X-, Video-CD)
Alt-I: Add folders (Data-, XCD)
Alt-V: Add files as Form2 files (XCD);
Alt-Entf: Delete All (Data-, XCD)
Alt-Up: Move track up (Audio-, Video-CD)
Alt-Down: Move track down (Audio-, Video-CD)

* new commandline options /img und /dvd

* Bugfixes

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#2 Post by AlephX »

As the site reports it as "for testing purposes", I guess that Andrew considers it as a beta. Usually (in the most of the cases, but not always) it is better to update TPFC only with stable releases.

Anyway, it is very good to communicate even the beta releases (in this forum) because many users want to try out even certain betas they are interested in.


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