New fields added to the database

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Andrew Lee
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New fields added to the database

#1 Post by Andrew Lee » Sat May 05, 2007 8:15 am

I have added a new field for "Stealth" and another field for "Dependencies".

Stealth is a yes/no field that indicates whether the application modifies the host system (registry, user profile folder) in any way. Typically, if the app writes to the registry or user profile folder, we will indicate that in the "Writes settings to" field and explain why we think it can be considered portable. This new "Stealth" field is more for the purist who wants to know, at a glance, whether an application modifies the host system.

Dependencies is a text field that describes the dependencies of the application eg. admin rights, DLLs, DirectX etc. Currently this is lumped into the synopsis field, but I thought separating it out to a different field would be better.

We will populate the fields as we go along, so please don't expect a sudden migration.

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