Webxpace [freeware] updates.

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Webxpace [freeware] updates.

#1 Post by guinness » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:52 pm

It appears http://www.webxpace.net/ has updated their software with bug fixes relating to Windows Vista & 7. Please check out the site and the blog post titled "All software updated!" (permalink)

Here is a list of the current versions. I will go through the TPFC DB in the next couple of days updating and testing those that are present.
File Renamer - ver
Image Downloader - version
Web Downloader - ver - TPFC DB Updated!
Wv Player - ver
Pic Viewer - version
ToDo Reminder - version
Mini Calculator - version
Porta'Menu - version - TPFC DB Updated!
My Agenda - ver
File Spliter - version
Favorite Tree - version
Date Reminder- version
Calendar - version
Watch timer - version

Stock Control - version
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Re: Webxpace [freeware] updates.

#2 Post by Midas » Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:30 am

Very old topic update.
Due to a personal situation, development will be halted for a while, don't really know how long, as I'm really unable to program now. [...] Maybe when I feel better I'll come back, who knows? In the meanwhile, feel free to download everything you want, ok? "See" you all in a while, hopefully. All the best to you all and, again, thanks for your interest all those years.
20 Jan 2018 by Jose Falcao
The Calendar and Watch freeware utilities have been removed from the downloads, as they were quite old and development on those two was almost inexistent, due to lack of feedback -- among other things. Nevertheless, if you want a copy of it, just let me know and I'll email it to anyone that requests it.
18 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

FTR, here's the list of Webxpace apps final versions as verified by me (bolded versions are updated from the previous list above; the site's "What's new?" page proved to not be very reliable in the end):

- Date Reminder v1.1.3.0
- Favorite Tree v1.0.3.0
- File Renamer v1.2.4.3
- File Spliter v1.0.2.8
- Image Downloader v1.0.6.0
- Mini Calculator v1.0.4.8
- My Agenda v1.0.4.0
- Pic Viewer v1.0.3.0
- Porta'Menu v1.0.4.0
- ToDo Reminder v1.2.0.0
- Web Downloader v1.2.1.0
- Wv Player v1.2.1.5

- Calendar v1.0.4.2
- Watch timer v1.1.4.6
- Stock Control v1.1.0.6

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